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6 reasons why sex is important?

Many people ask you why sex is important? The way in which drinking and sleeping is necessary in our life, in the same way sex is also important in our life. Without sex, there is no basis of human life. At the same time, sex is also necessary for emotional attachment and physical needs.

Many research has found that people who do not give importance to sex have loneliness in their lives. At the same time, physical needs are also not met. They have to face stress. They also spoil their relationship as well.

They do not feel the kind of attachment with their female friend or male friend in the way that they should be attached.

Why is sex important?

It is seen in the lives of many couples that they do not give much importance to sex. And are very busy in their lives. Even if you are not comfortable with your partner, there are distances in your relationship.

But it is seen that couples feel very comfortable during sex. And he manages to dissolve the sweetness in his relationship. Therefore, sex is important in life. Apart from this, sex is also important to meet the physical and hormonal needs.

According to a research, couples who do not have sex on time, the divorce rate is up to 44%. In such a situation, sex is important to maintain the relationship.

We are generally seen as a sex subject in our society. But sex education is an important part of our society. In such a situation, while giving sex education, we should be taught that the way in which food is important in our life. Sex is also important in the same way.

Orgasm during sex is also important

It is commonly seen that during sex, men dominate over women. And they do not pay attention to the extreme pleasure of women. Remember that sex is not important only because you are enjoying. You also have to take care of your female partner’s extreme pleasure.

Woman’s wishes should be respected while having sex. And if she is not satisfied with you then you should pay attention to foreplay. According to a research, women find themselves closer to their male partner even when they get extreme pleasure during sex. More love and trust grows in the relationship.

It is generally seen that men get extreme pleasure while having sex. Whereas women take a little longer to attain orgasm. In such a situation, while having sex, men should keep in mind that their sex time should last longer. This will allow women to achieve extreme pleasure while having sex.

Sex is most important in life for emotional attachment

If you do not feel emotional attachment with your female or male partner, one reason is lack of sex. Sex is very important in your life.

If you do not feel that way with your male or female partner, then it may be because of lack of sex. In such a situation, it is important that both men and women enjoy sex from time to time. Women and men feel closer by having sex. And increases emotional attachment to them.

You must have heard your film dialogue that only love does not lead to life, in such a situation, only things should not be taken care of. You also have to pay attention to your sex life.

It is generally seen that we take care of all that in a relationship. But we do not take care of our sex life. In such a situation, if you want to increase emotional attachment with your partner, then keep having sexual intercourse with your partner from time to time.

Why sex is important in married life

Usually we see that when we are in a relationship, we enjoy sex more. But in married life, we do not pay any attention to our sex life.

Whereas according to a research, sex is more important in married life than relationship. People usually ask the question whether married life can break due to lack of sex. And what is the importance of sex in married life? It is generally seen that after a certain time in married life things do not work the way they are doing before. If you are having sex on time in your married life, then a newness arises in your life. And you have an additional reason to be with your life partner.

It is generally seen that when the time of divorce comes in married life, the main reason is lack of sex. However, people do not deny this. But one thing has also emerged in the research that due to lack of sex, people also get divorced.

In such a situation, if you want to pursue your married life properly and live a loving life with your partner and you must pay attention to your sex life. Have sex from time to time with your partner.

Sex is also important in life for a healthy life

You are thinking that sex is necessary for running a relationship and for saving and enjoying married life. So you are thinking wrong.

A research has found that people who do not have sex with their partner from time to time have inferiority complex. And suffer from many diseases. In such a situation, even if you want to be healthy, sex plays an important place in your life. Many such hormones are found in humans, which are active while having sex or only after sex. In such a situation, sex is necessary to activate these hormones.

Sex is also important for mental health. When we are not having sex, inferiority complex develops in our mind. And we start increasing distances from society.

Sex increases the rate of fertility in women

Apart from this, if you are planning your family, you still have to have sex. We all know this. Children are produced when women and men have sexual intercourse together.

But do you know that when women and men have sex from time to time, their chances of having children increase. In such a situation, even if you have to do your family planning, sex is important. Start having sex 6 months before family planning.

All the important hormones for childbirth become active after sex in all women. And if we have been having sex for a long time then the important hormones for giving birth are working properly. In this case, the child is born healthy.

Having sex burns calories

Sex, along with fun, burns calories from the body with us in a very high amount. If you have to lose weight and keep yourself fit. So start having sex. In a few days you will feel that your body is working perfectly. And your weight has also reduced already.

At the same time, you will feel healthy. During sex, a large amount of sweat is released from the body of the woman and the man. As much of this dirt is present inside our body. She all goes out while having sex. Which is in the form of sweat.

According to a survey, about 1500 kilocalories are consumed during sex between men and women. In a survey related to sex, it has been found that both men and women get good sleep after having sex. Which is also important for their relationship.

Let us now try to find answers to the questions that are commonly asked about sex.

Is it safe to have sex during periods

Can sex be done during periods or not? This question is commonly asked by both women and men. According to doctors, sex can be done during periods. At the same time, according to some reports, women experience more pleasure in having sex during periods.

But if you are having sex during periods, then keep in mind that you can also be pregnant during this period. Because the egg may have formed in your body during that time.

If you have sex during periods without any protection, there is a risk of infection during this time. Infections can also occur without periods. But the risk of this increases more during periods.

In such a situation, it depends entirely on you whether you want to have sex during periods or not? Also pay attention to your body as well. If your body allows you to have sex, that is, it is perfectly healthy and you also want to have sex, then there is no problem in having sex.

Sex during pregnancy

The second most common question about sex is, can one have sex during pregnancy? So the answer is yes. You can have sex at all during pregnancy. There is no problem in this.

It is said that having sex during pregnancy can hurt a child. But this is not the case at all. Penetration occurs in the woman’s vagina. While the child is present in the utrus. And between the two is a layer of cervix. In such a situation, it is not possible that the child gets hurt during sex.

If you have complications in pregnancy and the doctor refuses to do so, then you must listen to the doctor. In such a situation, you should avoid having sex during pregnancy.



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