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Antibody is being made in Indians against coronavirus claims in the survey

A sero survey was conducted in Delhi, the capital of India, regarding coronavirus. The results of this survey have come out today. This survey claimed that about 23% of people have received antibodies against the corona virus. This means that 23% of these people are capable of fighting against the corona virus.

Around 26681 people were included in this survey conducted by AIIMS Delhi. And antibodies against coronavirus were found in 23% of these people.

What is a chero survey


How many people have antibodies against the coronavirus epidemic. A survey is conducted to check this. In this survey, the antibodies in the human body are found that are capable of fighting against the corona virus. And it is seen how many people are making this antibody. The more people develop this antibody, the lower the risk of the virus. And in Delhi this rate is around 23%.

At the same time, there is one more thing in the report of Delhi AIIMS Shero Survey, which is about to choke. The report claimed that in Delhi alone, about 46 lakh people have been infected with the corona virus at some time. But it is all A syntactic. That is, the patient with no symptoms. While the number of symptomatic patients is less. Symptomatic patients are more dangerous in terms of health. And they have symptoms of corona virus. There is also a risk to the lives of symptomatic patients. We have to keep in mind here that A. symptomatic patients are more dangerous. Because they do not show any symptoms of corona virus. And they also infect other people.

What is antibody

When a virus reaches our body, our body also prepares to fight it. Under this preparation, some proteins are made in our body. These proteins are y-shaped in the English alphabet. These proteins fight the virus and kill it. And these are called antibodies.

What do the results of the sero survey mean?

From this survey conducted in Delhi, it has been found that about 23% people have antibodies against the corona virus. But we will not have to take this survey this way. We also have to think of it in a way that about 77% of the people are still at risk due to the corona virus. And those people have to be strengthened against the corona virus.

Earlier, a Chero survey was also conducted in Spain. And in this survey, antibodies were found in 5% of the people there. Spain took this survey in such a way that 95% of the people are still at risk of coronavirus. In this manner, India will also have to take this survey. According to a Health Ministry report, the corona virus deaths in India are among the lowest in the world.

Man is far away from hurdle immunity

One thing has been made clear in this survey that human beings are still far away from making Hurdle immunity against corona virus. And we have to take this thing serious. When made permanently antibodies against a virus under the Hurdle immunity. Then it is believed that this virus will no longer have any effect on the human body. Although this does not seem to be happening in the case of coronavirus at the moment, but getting antibodies in the body of some people is definitely an auspicious sign.

At the same time, antibodies have already been formed in the people. There is no evidence even for them that they will not have coronavirus again

Corona virus patients are increasing rapidly in the world

Coronavirus has still not reached its pick worldwide. And the number of people affected by the corona virus is advancing at a rapid pace.

If we talk about America alone, more than one lakh 46 thousand have died due to corona virus. And if we talk about India, there have been around 25 thousand deaths in India. But here the rate of corona virus is almost double that of America. The rate of corona virus outbreak in India is around 6%. Whereas in the US the rate is 3% or even less. In such a situation it is a concern for India. Experts are hoping that if the corona virus vaccine is not produced soon, India will reach number one in the corona virus affected countries. For the information, let us tell you that among the corona virus infected patients worldwide, India is second only to America. Which is a matter of concern for the government.



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