HomePoliticalBig breaking news, Rafale aircraft reached India Landed at ambala air base

Big breaking news, Rafale aircraft reached India Landed at ambala air base

Rafael aircraft has reached India. Rafael aircraft landed on Ambala Airbase of India. There is no fighter jet in Pakistan and China’s Air Force in a match of Rafael aircraft. The biggest special thing of Rafael aircraft is that it can kill air and air on the ground.

At the same time, any fighter plane of Rafael has not been able to independently. Pakistan has the most dangerous fighter plane F-16, which was found from America.

INS Kolkata welcomed Rafael

He was welcomed by Indian fighter ship INS Kolkata as soon as Rafael entered the Indian Army. INS Kolkata said Welldon, Happy Landing.

Indian Air Force President RKS Bhadauria also reached Ambala Airbase to welcome Rafale planes. RKS Bhadauria also praised the pilot for flying five rafael fighter planes.

World’s Most Powerful Fighter Plane Rafael!

rafel fighter aircraft
rafel fighter plane

Rafael is one of the world’s most powerful fighters planes. Rafael aircraft can kill air from air and air on the ground. The Raffel aircraft makes it more special in the murderer missiles. The special thing of the Murmer missiles is that it can kill up to 150 kilometers. At the same time, the Meetore missile does not have to look at the target again after leaving once. Aim the missiles and works on the lines of forget.

Squells missiles in Rafael are special

Rafael’s second largest special strength are scalp missiles. Which can kill a distance of 600 kilometers. This missile makes Rafael aircraft even more special. This scalp missile is famous for its all over the world.

Order has been ordered for Hemor missiles

Between China and India, the Government of India has ordered Hemor missiles for Rafael aircraft while taking an important decision. This order has been given in Emergency. In such a situation it is expected to be completed soon. Hemor missiles are considered especially for Rafael aircraft.

The hemorrhoid missile’s ability is between 60 to 70 kilometers. Hemor missile is currently using France’s Air Force and Army.

Bomb can be dropped on a precise target from 5500 feet height from Rafael aircraft. That which makes the world’s most dangerous aircraft.

For the information, let us know that currently only three countries will have Rafale aircraft. India is third among these. Apart from this, countries like Saudi Arabia Australia have also started the process of buying Rafale aircraft. 707 Rafale fighter aircraft will be sold to all these countries.

Apart from Rafale, Air Force needs to be strengthened further

The Indian Air Force chief had said recently that the Indian Air Force will not be able to fully strengthen due to only Rafale aircraft. For this we also have to use MiG planes and indigenously manufactured Tejas aircraft in India. Apart from this, missiles like BrahMos will also have to be used by the Indian Air Force.

India to get full 36 Rafale aircraft from France

Twenty-six Rafale aircraft have been eased between India and France. The deal is expected to be completed by 2022. France has said that it will deliver 36 Rafale aircraft by 2022.

Despite Corona virus epidemic, France has completed delivery of Rafale aircraft on time. Five Rafale aircraft are coming to India. While the rest of the Rafale aircraft are kept for training in France. France has stated that deliveries of the remaining Rafale aircraft will also be completed on time. For the sake of information, let us know that the Defense Minister Rajnath Singh had visited France recently to see the construction progress of Rafale planes.

Rafale aircraft to be kept in Ambala air base

Rafale aircraft will be stationed at Ambala Air Base in West Bengal, India. Already and BrahMos missiles have been deployed here. With the arrival of Rafale planes, the country’s army will become even stronger.

Rafale also makes the aircraft different from other aircraft in the world. Rafale aircraft have a capacity ranging from 765 to 1065 km. The same Rafale aircraft is also going to be important for India in areas like Ladakh. Because it is very cold here. Due to its high altitude, the Indian Army has to face a lot of problems in patrolling. In such a situation, after getting the Rafale aircraft, these problems will be solved automatically.

108 Rafale aircraft to be manufactured in India

After 36 Rafale aircraft reach India, 108 aircraft will also be manufactured in India. India and France have entered into an agreement for this. The French company will manufacture Rafale aircraft in France in collaboration with local Indian companies.

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