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Bihar assembly elections, does Chirag Paswan want to be a king maker?

Bihar assembly elections are coming closer. And the preparations of political parties have also intensified. This time Chirag Paswan’s party Lok Janshakti Party has split from NDA in Bihar assembly elections. And there she has announced to contest elections on her own. In such a situation, difficulties have increased for BJP.

For information, let us know that Chirag Paswan’s party Lok Janshakti Party is an NDA partner in the central government. Chirag Paswan’s late father Ram Vilas Paswan was the Minister of State for Food Supply from the Lok Janshakti Party quota in the Central Government. However, who will be given the position of minister in his place. This is the big question right now?

But Chirag Paswan has announced that the Lok Janshakti Party will secede from the NDA in the Bihar assembly elections and the Lok Janshakti Party will contest in all 142 seats.

Lok janshakti party increase difficulties for BJP in Bihar assembly election

From what you can understand the importance of Lok Janshakti Party in Bihar assembly elections, recently, Sushil Modi had said in an interview to Lallantop that the alliance which will have more parties. It will be easy to win the Bihar assembly elections.

In such a situation, the separation of the Lok Janshakti Party from the NDA alliance is nothing short of a bell for the BJP. The caste vote bank also plays an important role in the Bihar Assembly elections. It was seen in the last election that the vote bank of the Bharatiya Janata Party had increased among the backward and Dalit people besides the upper caste people. This time again, the possibility of that vote bank being reduced is being raised.

Because the basis of Lok Janshakti Party is more among the people of Paswan caste. Apart from this, the Lok Janshakti Party also has a significant vote bank among the Dalits and Backwards. In such a situation, if the Lok Janshakti Party separates from the NDA and contest the elections, then BJP’s difficulties may increase.

Chirag Paswan has played a new trick for Bihar assembly elections

Bihar assembly elections are getting closer and Chirag Paswan has also started opening his cards. Now he has announced that he wants to contest elections under the leadership of Narendra Modi. And if it does not, then we will be friendly with the BJP.

This simply means that we will field weak candidates against BJP candidates, in fact Chirag Paswan wants him to ask for votes in the name of Narendra Modi. And it is known to all that at this time Narendra Modi is very popular in the country. And if Chirag Paswan is successful in seeking votes in the name of Narendra Modi, then his party will directly benefit.

However, BJP has said that if Chirag Paswan’s Lok Janshakti Party asks for votes in the name of Narendra Modi in Bihar assembly elections, we will file a case against it.

However Chirag Paswan can say that we are NDA partners in the central government. That is why they are seeking votes in the name of Narendra Modi. And if there is no communication between the two parties, then like the Shiromani Akali Dal Shiv Sena, the Lok Janshakti Party can also be separated from the central government. Which is nothing short of a alarm bell for the NDA.

Nitish Kumar did not do a good job in Bihar Chirag Paswan

Speaking to NDTV recently, Chirag Paswan has said that Nitish Kumar did not implement the right policies for the development of Bihar. And they implemented their agenda. Chirag Paswan alleged that Nitish Kumar has implemented the agenda of the grand alliance in his government before the Bihar assembly elections. How can we have an alliance with them? Chirag Paswan alleged that his party was not listened to after repeatedly telling Nitish Kumar. Chirag Paswan has said that Nitish Kumar did not pay attention to any problem. This is why today the situation has become such that nothing has happened in the name of development in Bihar.

Chirag Paswan has said that now when we go to seek votes from voters in Bihar assembly elections, he asks us for a work account and we have nothing to say. This has increased our difficulties in the Bihar assembly elections. That is why we have released a vision this time in Bihar assembly elections. On which the coming government will work. Chirag Paswan has claimed that we will not accept Nitish Kumar as Chief Minister at any cost after Bihar assembly elections. And if Nitish Kumar becomes the Chief Minister after the Bihar Assembly elections, his party will not support the JDU at any cost. Chirag Paswan once again reiterated that we want to see the BJP’s Chief Minister for Bihar after the Bihar Assembly elections.

Shiv Sena will also field candidates in Bihar assembly elections

On the other hand, Shiv Sena has also announced to field its candidates in Bihar assembly elections. Shiv Sena has said that they can field their candidates from 50 to 55 seats. However, it is also seen as a direct loss to the BJP in the Bihar assembly elections. Because the vote bank of Shiv Sena and BJP is almost similar. And both parties do Hindutva politics. In such a situation, the BJP may suffer even more. However, how much influence Shiv Sena will have in the Bihar assembly elections will also have to be seen. Because Shiv Sena has almost no existence outside Maharashtra. In such a situation, if the strong candidate Shiv Sena is successful against the BJP, then only it will see any benefit.

On the other hand, for the BJP party engaged in weakening Nitish Kumar, Shiv Sena contesting Bihar assembly elections is nothing short of a bell of danger. Because if Nitish Kumar’s party JDU seats decrease in Bihar assembly elections, then there is a constant danger of BJP’s seats falling due to Shiv Sena contesting elections. In such a situation, if the seats of both the parties are reduced in the assembly elections, then it can directly benefit the Grand Alliance. Somewhere in the circle of weakening each other, the NDA should not lose its power in Bihar.

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