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Bihar assembly elections, NDA gets majority in trends

After the initial lead in the Bihar assembly elections, the grand alliance seems to be falling apart. And NDA has got a majority in the trends. According to the latest information, the NDA is currently leading in about 131 seats. While talking about the Grand Alliance, it is currently moving forward around 105 seats. Let us know for your information that it is necessary to win 122 seats for the majority in Bihar assembly elections.

While Chirag Paswan’s party LJP is still leading in one seat. And she is seen doing worse than last time.

Let us know for the information that today the counting of votes for Bihar assembly elections is going on. However, according to the Election Commission, only 35% of the votes have been counted.

The Election Commission has said that the counting of votes cast for the Bihar Assembly elections may be delayed due to the corona virus. The Election Commission has given the reason for this, that we have built more polling stations due to Corona virus this time. Because of this we have more EVM machines.

However, the Election Commission had increased its staff to count the votes in the Bihar Assembly elections. But still, the Election Commission has expected the results of the Bihar assembly elections to be held till late night.

According to Election Commission data, this time around 3000 million votes have been cast in Bihar assembly elections. And so far more than one crore votes have been counted. While two crore 1000000 votes are yet to be counted for the Bihar assembly elections.

In such a situation, it will not take long to turn the picture. Let us tell you for the information that in the morning, the grand alliance was getting a huge edge. Now as time progresses, NDA is moving towards majority. According to the latest information received, the NDA is leading in 131 seats. Both Tejashwi and Tej Pratap Yadav are leading in their respective seats.

The same Pushpam Priya Chaudhary is trailing in both her seats. And Pushpam Priya Chaudhary has not even got 1000 votes in both the seats.

However, it has been said from the RJD that this time we are going to win the Bihar Assembly elections. We should wait a bit. It will be interesting to see who wins the Bihar Assembly elections by evening. And on whose part loses.

If we talk about exit poll figures, according to Access My India, the grand alliance was shown seats from 139 to 161 seats. Whereas the NDA was told that it would be able to win only 61 to 91 seats. However, contrary to exit poll, the results are coming for Bihar assembly elections at this time.

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