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Bihar assembly elections, why Gupteshwar Pandey did not get the ticket

JDU has not given ticket to Gupteshwar Pandey, a prominent face in Bihar assembly elections. At the same time, there were speculations that Gupteshwar Pandey could be contested by BJP from Buxar. But now Parashuram Chaturvedi has been given ticket from Buxar. And at the same time it has now become clear that Gupteshwar Pandey is not going to contest Bihar assembly elections.

Gupteshwar Pandey came into the limelight when Sushant Singh continued to make rhetoric in the case. Gupteshwar Pandey’s rhetoric was political. And it seemed that assembly elections could be contested. But now it has been decided that Gupteshwar Pandey is not going to contest Bihar assembly elections.

Why Gupteshwar Pandey did not get party ticket in Bihar assembly election

Earlier it was being said that Gupteshwar Pandey could get a ticket in Bihar assembly elections from JDU. And he had also secured primary membership of JDU in front of Nitish Kumar. But after that the Buxar Legislative Assembly seat went to BJP’s account. And Gupteshwar Pandey did not get a ticket in this manner. But that is not the only reason why Gupteshwar Pandey did not get the ticket from Buxar assembly elections.

Actually, BJP also did not want Gupteshwar Pandey to get a ticket, Gupteshwar Pandey was constantly saying that Sushant Singh Rajput has been killed. And Riya Chakraborty has no reason to ask any question to Nitish Kumar. This rhetoric has become expensive.

Yesterday, a new twist in the Riya Chakraborty drugs case was revealed. Where Riya Chakraborty was granted bail in the Mumbai High Court. It also stated that Riya Chakraborty was not involved in any drugs case. And all the serious allegations against him have been removed. Now Shiv Sena is associating this matter with Maharashtra’s honor. And is constantly besieging former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. In such a situation, the BJP does not want to face the allegations that they have played with the honor of Maharashtra when the assembly elections are held again in Maharashtra.

The Shiv Sena is constantly attacking the BJP over this matter. And is constantly writing articles in her mouthpiece Saamana. That is why BJP in Maharashtra is now looking at backfoot.

If BJP had given ticket to Gupteshwar Pandey from Buxar, Shiv Sena had already announced that we will field a candidate against them. In such a situation, Shiv Sena would have got another chance to attack the BJP. Which the BJP never wanted.

Was doing political rhetoric for Bihar assembly elections

Gupteshwar Pandey was constantly making political statements about the Sushant Singh Rajput case. This was also opposed by the IPS and IAS lobbies. In the Sushant Rajput case, Gupteshwar Pandey was continuously demanding a CBI inquiry. However, it is clear that Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. He was not murdered by anyone. Since then Gupteshwar Pandey was on the backfoot.

Although Gupteshwar Pandey has been continuously saying that I will do as Nitish Kumar would say. And if they say that they have to contest the assembly elections, then I will definitely contest. But I am devoted to the people of Bihar and am very popular. It is a trivial matter to contest elections.

Let us tell you for the information that Gupteshwar Pandey has tried to contest the Bihar assembly elections earlier also. Gupteshwar Pandey wanted to contest Bihar assembly elections from BJP 11 years ago. And he had also resigned from his post. However, later the screw got stuck and he did not get the ticket for Bihar assembly elections. After this, he joined his job back.

What Gupteshwar Pandey said after not getting ticket for Bihar assembly election

Gupteshwar Pandey has posted a Facebook after not getting a ticket in Bihar assembly election. In this post, he has written that I have become upset with all your phone calls. I know that you are all my well wishers. And want me to contest elections from Buxar in Bihar assembly elections. But this could not happen. So, I am not contesting Bihar Assembly elections this time. They have said that my life has been spent in struggle. And my greetings to all the brothers and sisters of Buxar, mothers and elders. You keep your blessings and love on me, Gupteshwar Pandey.



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