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By privatisation Is India losing everything it has earned so far?

India seems to have earned as much as anything. He is now slowly fading everything. I am saying this because at the moment there is rapid privatization in the country. And government companies are being given in private hands at very low prices. If this continues, there will not be a single company in which the government will control.

Where will this privatization storm stop? No one can say. Do not think that if a company is in profit then it will not sell. Whether a government company is in profit or in loss, it will definitely sell.

Profitable government companies are also selling


It is not that the government companies which are in loss. They are being sold only. Rather government companies which are in profit. They are also being sold.

Here we can understand from the example of oil companies. BPCL which is a big oil company of India. And the government earns millions of crores of rupees every year. Now he is also fired for selling.

According to media reports, it could be bought by Mukesh Ambani or Saudi Aramco Company of Saudi Arabia. In this race, Gautam Adani of Adani Group also remains. In such a situation, if all the government oil companies are sold in the coming days, then you should not be surprised. Apart from this, the government is also preparing to sell stake in the government coal company. Government coal company India Coal Limited is now ready to sell.

This company pays a dividend of millions of crores of rupees to the government every year. At the same time, the responsibility of delivering coal at affordable rates to all the power houses of the country is also on the head of this company. Now if this coal company gets sold, you will have to get coal expensive. Its direct load is going to be consumer load. Because if the power houses get coal, then your electricity rates are also going to increase in the coming time.

Adani Group will be the country’s largest airport company

Till now the Indian Airport Authority was the largest government airport holding company in the country. But now this circumstances is going to change.

In recent days, six airports including Jaipur Guwahati were given to Adani Group. In such a situation, the Adani Group may also buy Mumbai’s Shivaji Airport in the coming days. According to media reports, the Adani Group may buy more than 50% stake in Mumbai Airport. In such a situation, if the Adani Group manages to buy more than 50% stake in Mumbai airport, then it will own the airport.

Let us tell you for information that most of the airports are running in profit. Despite this, the government is intent on selling these airports. The government is saying that it will invest heavily in these airports. And new jobs will be created.

However, its price will also have to be paid by the general consumer. According to media reports, now you may have to pay to catch a flight at the airport. If you want to have tea, coffee and breakfast from the airport, then you may have to pay 3 times to 4 times more for this.

A large number of government jobs are ending

As the government is selling its government companies in private hands. In the same way, government jobs are also getting reduced. According to a BBC report, the unemployment rate has reached around 9% in the country at this time. Which is the highest in the last 70 years. In such a situation, if the government sells to government companies, then in the coming time, there may be more cuts in government jobs.

According to a report by Dainik Bhaskar, so far more than one lakh posts have been abolished by the Government of India in Railways. In the coming days, even more posts can be eliminated. Because the Government of India has decided to privatize the railway as well. And in the first phase, it has been decided to privatize about 23 trains.

Experts are hoping that by 2023 the railway will be privatized. In such a situation, there is a danger of going to a large number of government jobs in the coming days.

According to a report published in the BBC recently, India’s state-run airline Air India has fired about 25 of its pilots. The state-run company says it does not have the money to pay employees. In such a situation, more layoffs can be done in the coming time. Recently, it was also reported that Air India is laying off its non-performing employees. For this, the company had cited no money.

Will be ready to buy expensive services

It is not that you will get expensive tickets and expensive goods due to the sale of government companies. You may also find other services becoming more expensive in the coming days. At the same time government jobs are also going in large numbers. We explain here by giving you an example. When international prices of petrol and diesel were kept under government control. Petrol and diesel were cheaper then you. But as soon as the government handed over the prices of petrol and diesel to the international market, petrol and diesel started getting expensive every day. We can now see the same in other areas of the country after privatization.

According to a report published recently till date, when Indian Railways will be privatized, private companies will be given a discount that they can decide their own rail fare. And if private companies decide the rail fare themselves, then you are going to get expensive tickets.

The government says that if we encourage privatization, every passenger will get a seat. But it does not seem to be happening. Because the railway network in India is less. So no matter how privatized. The number of seats will remain fixed. In such a situation, this argument of the government also seems dishonest.

You will have to pay more for going to railway stations

You must have heard about railway tickets as well as platform tickets so far. But do you now know that if you go from a railway station to catch a train ticket, then you will be charged extra for that too. This has never happened before in the history of India. It is all amazing about privatization.

Let me give you an example here. Suppose your ticket is ₹ 530. And if you want to catch a train by going to a railway station, it may be charged ₹ 100 separately for it. Till now only ticket money was collected from passengers. Station not charged. Now the railway station charge will be charged separately from the passengers. In such a situation, every service is going to be expensive in India in the coming days.

Fear of diminishing government earnings

If the government also gave its earning to the government companies in private hands, then there is a fear of the government’s earnings coming down in the coming time. In this case, development work in India can also be affected. If the government does not have the money, then in the coming time more other areas in the country can be given in private hands.

In such a situation, one or two private companies can control the country’s resources. And if this happens, then in the coming time everything from you which will be in the hands of one or two private companies. Double prices can be charged for them.

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