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Can China Really Become a Super Power?

The desire of China to become the world’s super power is not hidden from anyone. And China is constantly trying to beat the US and become the super power of the world. And in recent times, these efforts in China have intensified.

The result of this is that China is taking hostility from every country in the cycle of becoming a super power. And is threatening every neighboring country. Even China, in its desire to become a super power, is not behind in screwing with America.

How much capacity does China have?

XI jinping
XI jinping

China wants to become the world’s super power. But does China really have the capability to be considered a superpower. There are many aspects of this, China is moving steadily in terms of innovation today. And in recent years, it has been seen that China has surpassed the US in terms of patent. But is this enough to become a super power. So the answer is no.

If you look at the internal structure of China, you will find that there is a growing discontent in China. And the unemployment rate of youth is also increasing continuously. China is the only country in the world whose national security budget is less than its internal security budget. In such a situation, you can gauge the discontent that is brewing in China. In recent days, there were reports that most of the banks from China want to run away. In fact, China forced the bank to lend at 0% interest to further its progress. And millions of dollars were spent for this. But now that debt is not coming back to the banks. And banks are in trouble. In such a situation, most of the banks from China want to run away. When the Chinese government came to know that most banks could run away from here, they set a limit on the maximum transaction of people. It was said that no person can withdraw money from the bank beyond the prescribed limit. However, this has brought relief to the banks. But it will be interesting to see how long this relief is going to work.

The world is not ready to accept China as a super power

At the same time, China has given itself all around for itself. China is in the mood to fight every country in the world right now. Be it India, Bhutan, Australia, America is fighting with all the countries. And given the history of China, no country in the world is ready to consider it a superpower. However, China is trying to build trust in the world that it will take the superpower world along.

But looking at the history of China, this does not seem to be happening.

one belt one road initiative,Surrounded by questions

At the same time, China’s one belt one road initiative is under question. It was called the One Belt One Road Initiative Milestone started by Chinese President Xi Jinping. But now one belt one road initiative is under question. China owes huge debt to those countries that want to participate in it under the One Belt One Road Initiative. But most of China’s debt is about to sink.

China has given loans to African and American countries, which are very poor. And now he is not in a condition to repay this debt. At the same time, loans have been extended to many countries in Africa where the dictators are the rulers. And from there, China is finding it difficult to recover its debt. If this dictator refuses to return the debt to China, nothing will be done. At the same time, the cost of One Belt One Road is continuously increasing. Which is now the alarm bell for China. The constantly sinking debt has created problems in the economy. Actually China is a debt based system. Where people have been given huge debt, but now that debt is becoming difficult to return.

We understand from the example of African countries here. The economic condition of the entire world has weakened due to Corona virus. In such a situation, African countries are not untouched by this. And if these countries do not give money back to China under these circumstances, then the Chinese economy will collapse.

Why it is difficult to become a super power of China

Experts of the world are assuming that if China’s One Belt One Road gets in trouble, then it will also be difficult for them to be away if they become super power of China. At the same time, most countries are now demanding transparency from China in One Belt One Road Initiative. In fact, in most of the countries to which China has given loans, only Chinese companies have got contracts. And they have been rigged.

Singapore is an example like Malaysia and Sri Lanka which are now continuously demanding transparency in One Belt One Road Initiative from China.

When China signed an agreement regarding one belt one road initiative, there were other governments there. Most governments have come back to power only by speaking out against the One Belt One Road Initiative. He has promised the public that the One Belt One Road Initiative will be reviewed again. In such a situation, new problems have arisen for China. Sri Lanka is an example of this, and the same happened in Malaysia and Singapore.

These countries are now pulling back their hands with the One Belt One Road Initiative. And in such a situation, if the One Belt One Road Initiative is endangered at this intersection, then China’s economy will end automatically. In such a situation, the biggest challenge for China at this time is not to become a super power but to preserve its own economy. He considers himself a super power, China is struggling with economic difficulties. You can guess from this that recently China also refused to declare its economic results. In such a situation, it is being speculated that in China, the economy may run in the coming years.

It is China’s move to shut down its economy for the world and use the world economy for itself.

Countries all over the world are demanding that the more the economy of China is open to them, the more the economy will be opened for China. Due to this policy of China, companies around the world are not able to do business there. An example of this is Uber Google, a large US company like Amazon. US President Donald Trump is in no mood to spare China under any circumstances.

America’s president is alarm bell for China

At the same time, US President Donald Trump said that now American companies should find other destinations for their business and manufacturing. And without China, our business should grow. This is nothing short of a warning bell for China. At the same time, manufacturing is the basis of China’s economy. But in recent times, due to Corona virus and border dispute with neighboring countries, the whole world is watching China with teddy eyes. And Chinese company Huawei is facing charges of espionage.

Because of all this companies from all over the world which used to make their goods in China, are now consolidating their business from there. And India is shifting its trade to countries like Vietnam. In such a situation, if the basis of China’s economy will end, then new difficulties will arise for it. At the same time, the purpose with which China has invested in the One Belt One Road Initiative will end. In such a situation, it is believed to be a new problem for China.

It is difficult for Chinese companies

At the same time, there is another obstacle in becoming China’s super power. And that is Chinese companies.

In fact, most Chinese companies have strengthened themselves in the form of innovation. But now this innovation is of no use to Chinese companies. Because most of the countries are banning Chinese companies here. In such a situation, if the Chinese companies are banned from all over the world, then it will also become difficult for China to do business with the world. Which may cause China’s economy to collapse.

India has also sounded the alarm bell for China

China has been embroiled in new problems due to border dispute with India. Now India has started taking action against China. At the same time, contracts have been stopped in India for Chinese companies. Due to which Chinese companies are losing billions of rupees.

Recently China’s 59 apps were banned by the Indian government citing threats to national security. Due to this, China’s Tiktok app has lost more than 45000 crore rupees. At the same time, India is now advising China that if China takes any new step against India, the difficulties for China are going to increase even more.

At the same time, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has been continuously emphasizing on controlling imports from China. And simultaneously presented the concept of self-reliance. Under which imports from China are being reduced. Due to this China is losing crores of rupees every year. At the same time, India is not in the mood to make any big deal with China at any cost. Even if you have to pay more for it. Which is a danger bell for China. Let us tell you for the information that China, which is making a splash in the whole world due to its cheap goods, now seems to be stuck in difficulty.

China is weak even militarily

China not only seems to be getting weaker on the economic front. On the military front too, China is constantly getting weaker. If you compare America and China, China does not stay anywhere in front of America.

Let us tell you for information that America has the largest defense budget in the world. And Donald Trump, who is the US President, is constantly emphasizing on modernizing the military bases of the US Army. At the same time increasing their defense budget. Recently, US President Donald Trump also announced the making of new nuclear weapons. Which is a danger bell for China. At the same time, the US has also manufactured laser guided guns.

While talking about China, most of the technology has been stolen. Their credibility is also questionable.

For information, let us know that America has military bases in all continents, including America Africa. At the same time, the security of countries like Japan Taiwan is also above the US. In such a situation, you can guess how much stronger America is than China. The US recently announced an economic package of $ 1 trillion due to the corona virus. Which is the highest in the world. In such a situation, you can gauge the economic strength of America. On the other hand, it is not impossible for China to compete with America.

Dollar is also America’s strength

At the same time, the strength of America is its currency dollar. Just tell you for information that the dollar is accepted as international currency all over the world. In such a situation, the Chinese currency yuan does not stop anywhere in front of America.

Once China definitely tried to bring down the US currency dollar. But China itself was caught in the economic crisis. Because America’s own currency is the dollar. In such a situation, it is not easy for any country to compete with that country’s currency. While it is international currency. The US dollar is known as the world’s most powerful currency. Around US dollar accounts for 85% of the trade worldwide. Which is the highest.



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