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Companies will be able to decide the fare of private trains on their own

Privatization of railways is being done in India. And now private companies will be free to rent their own. The Railway Ministry has cleared this.

It was not yet clear who will decide the fare for the trains run by these private companies. But now the Ministry of Railways has said that companies will be able to fix this fare themselves. In such a situation, it is being estimated that the fare of the rail is set to increase.

Ticket rates may increase by up to 300%


If private companies decide the fare of the railway, then it can increase by up to 300%. Here, I will give you an example. Suppose your fare is currently ₹ 500, then when private companies run the railway, you will have to pay 1500 rupees for the same route. For which you used to give ₹ 500 earlier. In such a situation, this privatization of the railways is believed to fall on the common man’s pocket.

Let us tell you for information that in the past, the Railways had issued a tender to run not a private train. It was said in the tender that 151 private trains will run on 109 routes in the country. And for this the building was invited from the companies. Then it was not decided who would decide the fare of the railway.

Let us tell you for the information that the railway passenger of India gives subsidy for passengers up to about 85% of the trains, in such a way that this subsidy will also end, therefore we are saying that the railway fare can increase by 300%. According to the conditions of the tender, the railways will also have to pay a profit on the trains run by private companies, in such a situation that there is an increase in the expectation that the railway fare may increase so much.

So far, the government decides the fare of the railway

Let us tell you for information that according to the constitution of India, only the railways and its associated ministries can decide the fare of the railways. But now this will not happen. As private players will operate trains. So he will be able to fix his own fare. The government will have no control over the fare of the railway. In such a situation, the increase in the fare of the railway is believed to be fixed.

The cabinet may soon come up with an amendment to amend the constitution. In such a situation, private companies will get a discount to decide their own rent. Simultaneously, another proposal can be brought in the Cabinet that this matter cannot be challenged in the Supreme Court. In such a situation, if the government comes with such a proposal, then it cannot be taken for judicial review even in the Supreme Court.

Who will not bear the maintenance costs yet

Let us tell you for the information that all the expenses including the security guard and driver will be for the railways which will run by the private companies. Apart from this, security at the railway station will also be from the government. Also, the cost of the tracks will also be given by the government. However, it has been said that in the coming time, railway coaches will be made by private companies. In such a situation, it is expected that the factories which have been set up by the government to manufacture coaches in the coming time. They can also be given to private companies. However, this is still the beginning. In such a situation, it is too early to say anything about this.

In response to a question about maintenance, the Ministry of Railways has said that a draft will be issued soon. And as soon as the draft is released. Everything will be cleared regarding maintenance.

Let us tell you for information that from the year 2023, Railways wants to operate private trains in the country. For now, Tejas trains are privately operated by IRCTC. And Tejas train fare is expensive than normal trains. The government is claiming that we are providing facilities to passengers at par with air travel, hence the fare of Tejas train is expensive. In such a situation, you can guess that in the coming time the railway can also be far from the reach of common man.

People will not have any other option

The trains that are currently being operated by the railways are also inadequate and passengers in India face a long waiting list for seats in the railways, even when these private companies will increase the fare by 300%. Will have no option and people will have to travel in railways with expensive fares

The length of railway routes in India is short. While the proportion of trains is more. So, if more than one private company also operates trains. Even then people will have to pay more rent.

Because the amount of seats will be less. And the number of passengers traveling in the railways is high. As such, this ratio will allow private companies to increase passenger fares drastically.



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