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Corona virus patients battling expensive treatment in hospitals in Mumbai.

Corona virus patients in Mumbai are now struggling with expensive treatment. Many hospitals in Mumbai are charging arbitrary prices from patients. He is being charged more than twice the price of the same medicine. They also include PPE kits.

Let us tell you for information that Mumbai has emerged as the hot spot of the most infected coronavirus patients in the country. However, the situation is under control there now. And for the first time in Mumbai, less than 1000 patients of corona virus have been exposed. Which is a relief news for Mumbai. The fees being paid by the same hospitals for treatment of corona virus have emerged as a new headache.

Hospitals are not accepting the maximum spending limit for corona virus patients


The government has released guidelines on corona virus to be spent in hospitals. And according to the guidelines of private hospitals Coronavirus was to collect money from patients only. But the private hospital is not ready to follow these guidelines. And arbitrary money is being collected from patients.

However, action has been initiated by the government to recover money on these hospitals. But this action is still insufficient.

We understand by example of PPE kits here. A PPE kit costs around ₹ 2500. While private hospitals are charging ₹ 2500 separately for PPE kits from each patient. Now you may be wondering what is wrong with this? But suppose a PPE kit costs ₹ 2500. And if a hospital has a capacity of recruiting corona virus patients at 50, then this price rises to more than ₹ 100,000 per day. Because doctors wear 8 hours duty wearing the same PPE kit. In this way, private hospitals are recovering more than ₹ 100,000 per day for a PPE kit. Which have emerged as an open challenge to the government system.

Government has issued a guideline for Coronavirus

The government has issued a guideline for the recruitment of coronavirus patients and the cost incurred on them. According to this guideline, a patient in Mumbai can be charged ₹ 7000 for an ordinary ward whereas if a patient is admitted in a special ward and is given oxygen, then ₹ 9000 can be charged for this whereas for the ICU about ₹ Up to 15000 maximum can be charged. While private hospitals are charging double the cost of corona virus patients.

Complaints of expensive treatment are being received continuously

According to the news channel NDTV, the Corona virus patients and their families are constantly complaining about expensive treatment with the government. If you see these patients on Twitter, then there are plenty of such patients. Those who are constantly tweeting about their expensive treatment. You will also get a receipt of ₹ 300000 or more for 10 days treatment on Twitter.

However, now the government has started paying attention to this. But these patients have been expressing their grief since about 25 May or so. But not much action has been taken so far on these private hospitals. It should have been done. On the other hand, the doctor is also not ready to believe that he has overcharged.

In such a situation, a new crisis has arisen in front of the government in this fierce crisis of Coronavirus.

The same families who were treating their loved ones with corona virus with great difficulty. A new crisis has also occurred in front of them. Running such a house has also become difficult for such people. Because they have given the entire deposit to these private hospitals.

Medical Association said action should not be taken against hospitals

When the matter came up with the Mumbai Medical Association, the Medical Association said that the government should not act unilaterally on hospitals in this manner.

On the contrary, in this case the Medical Association asked the government to ask questions. Medical Association says whether the government has completed the audit on its behalf? And the audit agency has submitted its report to the government? Has the government registered an FIR against these hospitals? And if not, action should not be taken against these hospitals.

Municipal Corporation started action against hospitals

When asked about Mumbai Municipal Corporation by NDTV, they said that we have started taking action against such hospitals.

Municipal Corporation says that we had about 1200 complaints in this manner. Out of which more than 1100 complaints have been resolved. And about ₹ 15000000 more money has been put back into the patients account. Which were overcharged by hospitals.

At the same time, the remaining complaints will also be resolved soon. Talking to NDTV, Mumbai Municipal Corporation said that, now we have excluded 4 hospitals from the list of hospitals treating corona virus. This means that these hospitals will no longer be able to treat patients related to coronaviruses.

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