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Crime against women in India

Crime against women in India has been witnessing a steady increase. On one hand the government in India is claiming that India has become a safer place for women. On the other hand, the report of National Crime Records Bureau says that, crimes against women are increasing continuously in India. Assam ranks first in terms of crime against women. While Rajasthan is at number two in terms of crime against women.

Crime against women also reflects the mindset of the society. Society in India is still male dominated. In such a situation, crimes against women are not taking the name of stopping. At the same time, the reach of technology has also increased the crime against women. On the one hand, technology is responsible for securing women, while on the other side, crimes against women are also increasing in India due to this.

crime against women in india

If we talk about crime against women in India, then Assam is at number one. While Rajasthan is at number two. Here we are talking about the cases registered under the Indian Penal Code. Apart from this, crimes against countless women continue to happen in India. which are never registered. Due to the awareness that has come in recent times, cases of crime against women are also being registered. However, it is still not a satisfactory situation.

In Assam, 177.4 crimes have been registered against women for one lakh population. Whereas in Rajasthan 110.4 crime cases have been registered against 100000 women.

All these cases have been registered under the Indian Code of Conduct. Apart from this, cases of crime against women have also been registered on the basis of local laws of the states. Which may be different in different states. According to the Constitution of India, separate lists have been issued for making laws for the Center and the states. On the basis of this list, the states can also make their own laws. Under these laws, cases of crimes against women are also registered in different states.

Haryana has the lowest sex ratio in India. Crimes against women are also very high here. The number of cases registered per 100000 women is 108.4 while Odisha comes at number four.

If we talk about crime against women on a national basis, then its average is 61.4. Which is much less than the states like Rajasthan, Haryana, Assam and Orissa. From this one thing becomes clear that, in different states, the cases of crime against women may be more or less registered.

All crime cases against women in India

On the other hand, if we talk about all the cases against women, Kerala comes on top here. Let us tell you for information that Kerala also has the highest literacy in India. Surprisingly, Kerala ranks first in cases of atrocities per one lakh women. In Kerala 1287 cases are registered for every 100000 women. Which is quite a lot. Here Rajasthan is at number two.

Apart from this, there are many such cases which are of serious nature. The condition of women in India is much worse even in matters of serious nature. In cases of serious nature, the police can arrest the offender without any warrant.

Talking about India’s national average in crimes against women, it is 392.2. At the same time, there are more than 32% such cases in India, which are still pending. All these cases are of crimes against women.

In India, 25993 cases of crime against women were registered in 2000. Whereas in 2018, a total of 27866 cases of crime against women were registered. Crime against women has seen an increase of 7.2% on a year-on-year basis. Which is contrary to the claims of the government.

The crime statistics of women in India for 2019 are even more frightening. According to the 2019 data of crimes against women, it has seen an increase of 49.11%. Which is a much worse situation. According to these figures, the total registered cases are 41550.

The government has said in its defense that more number of cases are being registered due to the awareness coming among women. This has increased the power of women. And they have also increased the courage to raise their voices. However, there does not seem to be any reduction in the crime against women. The Government of India still needs to do a lot more work in this area.

rape cases of women in india

There is also a steady increase in the cases of rape against women in India. This is also being seen due to the poor attitude of the police. However, now cases of rape of women are being registered in very high quantity. But still the attitude of the police has been very bad. The same was seen in the recent Hathras gang rape case. Where the victim was burnt after the death by the administration against the wishes of the family. A similar case was recently seen in Delhi as well.

In such a situation, you can understand that when the police have such an attitude in the cases of rape of women, then what to say about the common people. On the other hand, even in the capital of the country, if the cases of rape of women will not be registered or if no action is taken for them, then you can understand the situation of the rest of the states of India.

Cases of rape of women are registered under code of conduct 376. Rape of women is highest in Rajasthan. It is one of the highest crimes committed against women. If we talk about Rajasthan, 5997 rape cases were registered here. The total number of rape victims is 6056.

The number of rape cases per 100,000 women in Rajasthan is 15.8. This means that out of 100,000 women in Rajasthan, 15.8 women are raped.

Talking about India’s national record, the number of rapes of women is 4.8 per 100,000 women. This makes it clear that the condition of women in Rajasthan is much worse according to the crime report. It needs a lot of improvement.

Why is crime against women increasing in India?

There is a steady increase in crimes against women. This has harmed India’s image at the international level as well.

However, in recent years this growth has been seen much faster. The government says that women have started registering cases more than before. This is reducing the number of actual crimes committed against them. However, it may take some time for it to come out now.

Some states like Rajasthan have started a new facility for women. Now if any woman goes to the police with a complaint of crime, then it has become necessary for the police that she f.i.r. Register. f.i.r. Once registered, it is treated as a crime. Due to this, the number of crimes against women is also increasing.

Apart from this, it has now been made mandatory in India from July 1, 2019, that it will be necessary to put every crime in the Crime and Tracking System. This has also seen an increase in the number of crimes committed in India. It also includes crimes against women.

Although it cannot be denied that, the condition of women in India is still very bad. And we still need to do more work in this direction.

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