Airline industry in big loss

Financial crisis in airline industry, recovery may take 10 years

The airline industry is also one of the industries that have been affected the most by the Corona virus. The airline industry has been most affected by the Corona virus. And now experts are hoping that for the next 10 years the airline industry may face difficulties. After that the airline industry will be able to get out of this difficult period.

Let us tell you for information that due to corona virus most of the industries have reopened in the world. Almost every country is also opening tourist destinations here. But international flights are still closed. In such a situation, the airline industry is facing huge economic losses.

According to a report published in Dainik Bhaskar, the airline companies of America have lost about 73000 crores. And this loss continues unabated. In such a situation, how will the airline industry compensate for this loss? It will be interesting to see.

Every airline in the world is currently in loss

At present, the airline industry has been most affected by the Corona virus. And currently every airline company in the world is running at a loss. In such a situation, how can this industry recover again in the coming times? It will be interesting to see.

According to a report published in the BBC, the airline industry’s revenue has reduced by around 86%. In such a situation, it is now becoming difficult for airline companies to run. The US airline industry has suffered heavy losses due to the Corona virus. The same is true for European and Asian airline companies.

18000 jobs finished in India’s airline industry

If we talk about the airline registry in India, 18,000 jobs have been lost due to the corona virus epidemic so far. Experts are hoping that more people can get jobs in the airline industry in the coming time. According to a recently published report, the airline industry’s revenue in India has come down by about 85%. However, domestic flights are being introduced gradually in India. But recently, the aviation minister had made it clear that the corona virus will remain in effect till now. Till then there is no intention of starting international flights. In such a situation, it has become clear that the difficulties of airline industry in India may increase in the coming days.

Recently Crisil released one of its reports. It was reported in this report that the airline industry in India could suffer losses ranging from about 24000 crores to 25000 crores. Apart from this, the loss of Rs 5000 crores can also be done to other industries related to the airline industry.

Apart from this, the retailers associated with the Airport Authority may also suffer a loss of up to Rs 1,800 crores in India.

Airline companies may be closed due to heavy losses

A large number of airline companies were shut down worldwide before the Corona virus. In India too, the airline companies are continuing to shut down. In such a situation, the corona virus has increased the problems of the airline industry even more.

Experts believe that the airline companies will not be closed yet. But as soon as the effect of the corona virus ends, a large number of airline companies can be shut down around the world. Experts say that airline companies around the world do not have any money left for daily expenses. In such a situation, governments will have to come forward to save the airline industry.

Due to the huge economic losses, investors are avoiding investing in the airline industry. Even before the Corona virus, it was seen that the airline industry was suffering from huge losses. But even then investors were investing little in the airline industry. But due to corona virus, now these brakes have been completely done. In such a situation, the airline industry is also a challenge for investors.

People associated with the airline industry around the world are becoming unemployed

Talking about India alone, so far 18000 people have been discharged from the airline industry due to Corona virus. Experts are assuming that the airline industry will not put these people back to work even after the effects of the corona virus has ended.

The same situation is with the airline industry of America. So far, about 60000 people have been fired. The Trump administration tried to help the airline industry financially. But this attempt has failed. In such a situation, the jobs related to the airline industry can end at an even faster pace in the coming times around the world. Experts say that if the airline industry is to be saved, governments around the world will have to declare an economic package.

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