Google will not show ads related to US presidential elections after November 3

Google has said that it will not show ads in the US related to the presidential election after November 3. Google has said that we are going to block political advertising after 3 November. The pressure of Google not to show false advertisements continuously is increasing. In view of this, now Google has taken this decision. There are allegations of frequent false advertisements running in the US presidential elections.

Google has said in its statement that after three November we will not show any political advertisement related to the presidential election. As the presidential election draws closer, candidates are claiming their victory in the online advertisement. This is directly affecting the US presidential elections. People are pressurizing Google not to show ads related to the presidential election. People say that Google’s advertising policy is directly affecting the US presidential elections.

Google recently released a new update related to political advertising. It will no longer be easy to target people. The US presidential election was being unfairly exploited by micro-targeting advertising. In view of this, Google has limited micro targeting advertising for political advertisements.

On the other hand, like Google, Facebook has also said that they will no longer show political ads after this week. Facebook says that we are now rejecting the request for new political advertising. And we are telling them that we will not be able to show ads related to the presidential election.

Facebook says that in addition to the ads already running, whatever new ads are coming related to political or presidential elections. We are not accepting them. Facebook has done this in view of the US presidential election.

Now if we talk about Twitter here, it refused to run political ads on its platform only last year. And now this policy of Twitter is applicable all over the world. No political party can advertise on Twitter. People are demanding that Facebook and Google political ads stop showing on their platform, just like Twitter.

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