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Government has issued death decree against farmers in Rajya Sabha Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has said in his Facebook post that in the Rajya Sabha today, the central government has issued a death decree against the farmers.

Let us tell you for information that farmers are constantly opposing the new agrarian reform laws. Despite this, the government has passed these laws in the Rajya Sabha today. Now they will be sent for the approval of the President. Which is a formality.

Rahul Gandhi in his Facebook post said that the farmer who grows gold. The pride of Modi government makes him cry tears of blood. Rahul Gandhi further wrote that in the Rajya Sabha today, the Government has taken death decree in the form of Agriculture Bill. The constitution is embarrassed by this.

Earlier today, amidst heavy uproar, the government introduced the new Agricultural Reforms Act Bill in the Rajya Sabha. Which was passed by voice amidst heavy uproar.

The opposition demanded a division of votes for this bill. Which was rejected by the Chairman. The opposition said that this is an important bill. And for this the vote should be divided. Which was not considered. The opposition alleged that the government was killing democracy. And misusing their powers.

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