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Government jobs in India

There is a constant demand for government jobs in India. But do you know what is the status of government jobs in India? Actually the real truth is that the budgets of the state governments do not allow for the creation of government jobs? Whereas the same is the case with the central government.

Regarding government recruitments, student campaigns are also run on Twitter continuously. As a result of this, the pressure on the government is increasing. Recently, students got Twitter  #khansir #rrb #ntpc #rrb_ntpc trended. After which the government came under pressure. However, still the students have made allegations of irregularities in government recruitments. After which the students were forced to take to the streets.

Today we will try to understand that how many government posts are vacant in India right now? On which government vacancies can be taken out? On the other hand, we will talk about why the government is not taking out government recruitment? What is their compulsion that is preventing them from doing so?

government jobs in india

On 2 December 2020, in the Rajya Sabha, Personnel Minister Jitendra Singh, in response to a question from MP Sukhram Singh Yadav, said that, what is the current status of government jobs in India?

According to the government, 872000 government posts are vacant in the central government as of March 1, 2020. On which government jobs can be removed. If we talk about sanctioned posts, then their number is even more. The sanctioned post in the central government is more than 400000. In this way, 21% government posts are vacant in various departments of the government.

Talk about the railway department, about which the students are protesting right now. So in that 237295 government posts are vacant. On which government recruitment can be done. A total of 15% government posts are vacant in railways. There are 128242 government posts vacant in the Ministry of Home Affairs. Talking about the Ministry of Home Affairs, 12% government posts are vacant here.

Talking about the Ministry of Science and Technology, 66% of government posts are vacant here. There are 8227 government posts vacant in this ministry. On which government recruitment can be taken out. More or less the same is the case with other ministries as well. that belong to the central government.

Why is the government not taking out government recruitments?

When a large number of government posts are vacant in India, then why are the recruitments not being made? We asked the expert about this. He said that in fact the budget of the government does not allow this. A large number of state governments and the central government spend their budget on pension and salary of government employees. The government is now constantly trying to reduce this. However, the government has not been successful in doing so.

According to a data given by the Central Government, the Railways spends 98% of its total budget in the salary and allowances of the employees. This also includes the day-to-day operation of the railways. The budget for the annual salary allowance of the Railways is Rs 53000 crore. which is increasing continuously.

The central government spends 12% of its total budget on salaries and allowances of government employees. Talking about the states in the same way, the situation is the same there as well. Rajasthan spends maximum salary on allowances. The state government of Rajasthan is spending 34% of its budget on government employees.

This is the condition of Maharashtra. Where the government is spending one fourth of its budget on the salary and allowances of government employees. Similar situation prevails in all the states like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh.

Government jobs are promised at the time of elections

When political experts were asked about this, they said that during the time of elections, political parties claim to have a large number of government recruitments. The reality is that the government employees who are presently present. His salary is also being given by taking loan.

The situation has reached to such an extent that even the state governments are now facing difficulties in taking loans. Recently, the central government allowed the states to take additional loans. This situation arose during the corona virus.

In this way you can understand the condition of the states. What actually happens is that whenever an opposition party tries to come to power, it promises to provide a large number of government jobs. This is where the state of the government budget gets messed up.

The point to be noted here is that any government brings out a large number of government recruitments during the time of elections. Due to which the fiscal deficit continues to increase. As a result, we have to pay more tax. Because the government has no other means of earning money other than tax.

Why are students protesting in India?

It is worth noting that students are continuously protesting for government jobs in India. Students allege that there has been huge rigging in the recruitment of NTPC and RRB Group D. Similarly, allegations of rigging are being made in other recruitments as well. Including the Air Force.

The students allege that after the first cbt-1 exam in Group D, there was talk of giving direct joining. Later the rules of Group D were changed and CBT 2 exam was announced. The students got angry about this.

Talking about the same NTPC, the students say that the government had talked about passing the students 20 times of the total posts. The same situation is regarding taking cbt-1 exam. Later the students had to give the mains exam.

The students allege that the same student was considered eligible for multiple posts. In this manner, about 11 times the roll numbers of the students were issued. Students say that 20 times students should be selected not on the basis of roll number but on the basis of candidate.

Regarding this, students are constantly running prints on Twitter in which trains like RRB NTPC Haystack Khan Sir are running.

After the students took to the streets to protest, the government used water cannons on these students. Lathi charged and FIR was registered. After this the anger of the students increased even more. An FIR was also registered against the coaching institutes. As a result, #KhanSir started trending on Twitter.

Seeing the increasing anger of NTPC RRB students, the government was once again on the back foot. Now it will be interesting to see what decision the government takes regarding this.

What is the side of the central government regarding rrb ntpc

The central government did not pay any attention to those who continued to trend on Twitter. However, when the students started protesting by taking to the streets, the government also swung into action.

The government is of the view that there has been no wrongdoing in NTPC and RRB Group D. The central government says that we have recruited with complete transparency.

When the central government was asked why the government recruitment took so long, the government did not have an answer. On the other hand, the government says that the decision will be taken according to the demand of the students. However, the central government also says that we have taken out recruitment according to the rules. On the other hand, the government also says that we have given government appointments to a large number of people. Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said this in a press conference.

Now the government is not ready to take any risk regarding the Uttar Pradesh elections. Let us tell you for information that now the elections have come in Uttar Pradesh. Because of which the government is also seen on the back foot.

The government also claims that now this recruitment will be completed in a given time. Now there is not going to be any more delay. But the students are unable to believe it.

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