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Government should withdraw new agrarian reform laws Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi today released a video on YouTube about new agrarian reform laws. And said that the government should withdraw the new agrarian reform law. Rahul Gandhi said that this new agrarian reform law is not in the interest of farmers.

Let us tell you for information that these days the farmers are on the roads regarding the agricultural reform laws. This is what Rahul Gandhi was talking about. These days Rahul Gandhi is surrounding the government on every issue.

Rahul Gandhi said that the new Agrarian Reform Act is like hitting an ax at your feet. The government wants to make you a slave to corporates. Rahul Gandhi said that we will not allow the government to pass these laws and for this we stand with you. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi has demanded from the government that these governments should withdraw these new agrarian reform laws to the government. He said that the farmer has come on the roads. And this is going to be very expensive for the government.

Rahul Gandhi also said that the demand of farmers is justified. They should have guaranteed minimum support price.

Let us tell you for the information that farmers are constantly demanding a guarantee of minimum support price. They say that the new agricultural reform laws should include the rule that no corporates will buy their agricultural produce below the minimum support price. And if corporates do so, it should be made a punishable offense.



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