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Hathras gang rape case, Rahul Gandhi will visit the victim’s family again today

Rahul Gandhi is going to go to Hathras once again. He has given this information on his Facebook post. According to media reports, Rahul Gandhi Hathras will accompany his convoy.

Even before this, Rahul Gandhi has tried to go to Hathras but he was stopped by the Uttar Pradesh Police Administration. The police administration used sticks on Rahul Gandhi, in which he suffered minor injuries.

Let us tell you for information that a 20-year-old girl was gang-raped in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh. Later his reed bone was broken and the tongue was cut. So that it cannot move. After this, Uttar Pradesh Police cremated the victim at 2:30 in the night. Householders say that their permission was not taken before performing the last rites. Now the victim’s family is alleging that they have been imprisoned in the house by the Hathras police. And they are not being heard.

The police has made a big disclosure about the same Hathras gangrape. Police say that there was no gangrape with the victim in Hathras. The police has made the basis of forensic investigation for this.

The same experts say that if you do a forensic investigation of a victim after 15 days, then it is not necessary that a case of rape is revealed. However, before the death, the victim had given a statement that she was raped.



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