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Hathras gang rape case, uno said we are sad and worried

A statement has also been issued by UNO regarding Hathras gangrape. This statement said that we are saddened and worried by the incidents of gang rape in Hathras and Balrampur. United Nations Permanent Coordinator Renata dishaleyan said these things. The statement issued by UNO further said that incidents of sexual offenses happening to poor sections suggest that not everyone has equal access to the law. And the underprivileged section of the society is more at risk of sexual violence.

On this statement given by the Permanent Coordinator of the United Nations, the Government of India has said that it is a non-essential statement. We call the statement of any external agency as unnecessary. And if it is not taken care of then it will be better. This is necessary because the investigation of the case is still going on. The Ministry of External Affairs also said that the government is taking this investigation in a very serious way. And the government does not take any offense in this manner of affairs.

Renata further said that it should be ensured that the accused are brought to justice and they are punished at the earliest. Simultaneously, financial social help should be provided to the victim’s family and their pre-rehabilitation arrangements should be made. It should be ensured that the administration is doing its job properly. He further said in his statement that the United Nations is unhappy and worried about the incidents of sexual exploitation against women and children in India.

When the media asked the Ministry of External Affairs questions about this comment made by the UN official, the Ministry of External Affairs spokesman Anurag Shrivastava said that the statements of some external agencies are unwarranted. Because the Government of India takes matters of this nature seriously. At a time when this comment becomes even more necessary, when the investigation of this matter is going on, he said that it would be better to ignore such comments.

Srivastava said in his statement that India is a democratic country and there is such a system here that justice can be ensured to all. And India has a good track record as a justice. Which has stood the test of time.

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