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Hathras gang rape, why is Yogi Adityanath government lying

Yogi Adityanath government of UP is constantly lying about Hathras gang rape. The body of the gang-rape victim was burnt at 2:30 pm and the entire family was imprisoned in the room.

When the body of the gang-rape victim was burnt, the police surrounded it from all sides. And did not let anyone come near. However there was a journalist named Tanushree. He made a video of the incident and bravely confronted the police. The police were constantly talking about threatening them. While Tanushree was asking the police why are you doing this? So the police say that we will not give any answer. The family alleges that we wanted to take the victim home. But the police refused us. The police did not even let us come around the body.

The girl’s brother’s brother told that when my father stopped the ambulance from going to the crematorium, my father was killed by the police.

The police has a different statement about the gang rape victim. Police said that we had taken consent from the family and the gang-rape victim was cremated at night to maintain peace in the village and the city.



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