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How Google maps dominate maps market?

The google map was launched by google 15 years ago. Earlier we used to depend on big paper maps. But after this google maps made our life easier. Can you imagine that earlier the voyage to the sea was completed only by a telescope and a direction detector. Think about the difficulties that the passengers will have at that time.

If you have a traffic problem or want to remember something, google maps reminds you everything. All this was not possible before. Apart from google map, other internet map is also available. One of which is the most popular Apple map. But as of now, no app for google maps collision is available on google play store or iphone app store.

Google maps is the biggest app in map market

The largest player in the map market is google map. It completely dominates the map market. You will be surprised to know that Google Maps has more than one billion active users. Google Map updates more than 10 thousand times in 1 day.

Very interesting information about Google maps has been shared by google. When google maps was created, we wanted to let people know how to go from an a point to a b? Later a lot of images and data were stored. Due to this, the creation of google maps was possible. Google is one of the most famous apps on the play store for the last 10 years. Billions of people use google maps every day. People use Google Maps on a daily basis

You can use Google Map to find out the way. On the google map you can find the bike car train and walking route. Also you can use Street View to find the way in the streets. However the Street View feature in google apps is only available in some countries. In some countries the Street View feature of google has been banned for security reasons.

How much money google earns every year through google map

However, this information has never been given by google that how much revenue generator does it have every year through separate google maps? But experts say that by 2023, a revenue generator of more than $ 11 billion will be used by google google map every year.

Right now the question arises here, how does google earn through google map? Through google map google gets to know about a lot of business and people scolded. This data and business google keeps missing its cloud storage every year, later uses google data to show target aided to the people, in this way every year now google earns dollars through maps tomorrow.

When google map was launched in 2005. Then it looked completely different from today’s google map. In the beginning when google map was launched, it was only used as navigation and the main places were available on google map.

Google map updated over time

Initially Yahoo Map was available as a competitor to google maps. Which was leading the market in that. But gradually its staff in 88 countries were collecting images by car and in various ways to make Street View available for updating google maps. And mapping the whole world. In this way, Google Map was created. During this time, over one billion images were clicked for google maps.

It was connected to the satellite in google map to provide live traffic updates, which Azam knows as google earth. As well as gps were used to make it even better. So that users can be provided live traffic updates.

Artificial intelligence was used by google to make Google Maps even better. It was made aware of the available traffic signal and speed limit. Nowadays information on speed limit available on any road can be seen on google maps. All this has been possible with Artificial Intelligence.

Why did Apple Maps flop?

Apple launched its own maps with iphone 6 to compete with Google maps. However Gee by Apple proved to be a very big mistake. For this, Apple apologized in an official manner. It is rarely seen that Apple apologizes for any of its products.

Is it right here that Apple’s map app flopped? The biggest drawback here was with Apple’s data. While google already had a large amount of data available to people. Apple was not able to provide maps to its users correctly.

Google Map had unique data of 40 countries, 3000 cities and five miles till 2012. The lack of which was clearly visible with Apple. Apart from this, Google also had its own data availability. Simultaneously, users were also continuously generating data for google map. In this way, google had 27 miles and 187 country data available.

How google maps works

Google’s next challenge was to update the data on the google map. Until now, google maps depended on updating its partner. To reduce this dependency, google maps allowed users to update or edit their Tata. The way google reduced dependence on its partners for google maps. Perhaps this is the biggest secret to the success of Google maps. In this way, google maps is constantly updated. And keeps doing its work.

If live updates of traffic were to be shown to its users, then Google maps had to depend on the net. And google maps was not working correctly. For this reason, the option of adding traffic updates to users was also given through google maps.

Through Google Map, now its users can give information about an accident. Also, if any work is going on any route, then its information can also be shared with live users. In this way, google maps has started working even better.



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