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How the National Unemployment Day hashtag trended on Twitter on Narendra Modi’s birthday.

Today is 17 September and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. But today there is another special thing that the hashtag is going on the top trend on Twitter at this time is National Unemployment Day. This is the first time that National Unemployment Day is hashtagging on the birthday of a Prime Minister.

Students have started running Twitter # on the lines of the Prime Minister itself. The Prime Minister calls for clapping. Ask you to play the plate sometime. On the same lines, the students also played clap and thali on 1st September and 5th September. And now the Prime Minister is celebrating Narendra Modi’s birthday as National Unemployment Day. And that’s why a hashtag is trending on Twitter. And that is National Unemployment Day, so how are these #trends?

Groups of students conduct hashtag trends on Twitter

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

When we started to learn about it, it came to know that there are large groups of students. And this group together dissect the hashtag. Whether the hashtag is right for our demands.

Let’s dissect an issue first. And on that, what is to be trended on Twitter? A hashtag is already decided for this. And later it is shared in large quantities at a given time. After that, #Gradually gets into the trending list of Twitter.

It is not as if a # is fixed in a day to trend on Twitter. For this, one to two weeks are taken. And for this, mimus are also fixed. These mimes are then shared in large numbers. So that more people tweet with this hashtag. And that hashtag then starts trending on Twitter. The same has happened with the hashtag National Unemployment Day.

Coronavirus increases trend to conduct Twitter

Earlier it was seen that the recruitment examinations of the students were not completed. So they surrounded the Recruitment Examination Commission. But demonstrations have stalled due to the corona virus.

For this, the students have figured out the way of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And taking advantage of Digital India, the topics are trending on Twitter. And are constantly seeking to complete the recruitment exams on time. Hashtags of this method are running in large numbers these days due to the corona virus. Which has also become a headache for the government.

There have been as many trends regarding unemployment in the month of September. Never before have these trends been seen on Twitter or any social media platform. In fact, according to a report published in the BBC, the unemployment rate in the country has gone up to 9% or even more. Hustage running on social media is believed to be the result of this.

Students can easily reach the government with twitter trends

Whenever a topic comes on the trending list on Twitter, it also reaches the government. And this trend definitely reaches the officials and ministers sitting in the government.

If you want to physically meet the Prime Minister and the Home Minister, it is not possible. But if you make an issue trend on Twitter, then you can easily reach the government. For this reason, the students have now changed the way they perform. And have started believing in online trending.

Recently, after the trending issues on Twitter, it was seen that the government announced the dates of recruitment exams. And the recruitment exams that have been done. He was also asked to issue a joining letter. However, this has not happened yet. But there was an impact on the government.

Why are students making Twitter the medium of demonstration

If you see the trending topic of the entire world on today’s Twitter, then it is National Unemployment Day. Now the question arises as to why the students are performing on Twitter itself.

Because there is more social media medium like Facebook YouTube all over the world. Actually, Twitter has a special feature. Which keeps telling which issue is being talked about the most at this time. And shows a separate list of top trending topics. Due to this list, students are able to reach their demands easily to the government.

If any issue falls in the top trending list then it becomes a big issue. And the government’s attention is definitely on his side. Taking advantage of this, students have tried to trend hashtag on Twitter. The hashtag National Unemployment Day is also a result of this.

Coaching institutes are also coming with students

Students are constantly getting this trend on Twitter regarding their issues. Now coaching institutes are also joining in this campaign.

At this time all coaching institutes have been closed due to corona virus. And due to no fixed date of recruitment examinations, they are also not getting online admissions. In such a situation, the earnings of coaching institutes have almost stopped.

In view of this, now coaching institutes are also sharing their opinion on end trending topics with students. Because of this, this movement has become very big now.

At the same time, students from all over the country join together due to being an online medium. For this reason, it is seen that lakhs of tweets take place on an issue in a single day. And it comes in the top trending list. Coaching institutes say that when there is no fixed date for an exam, then students will not come for admission. They will have a livelihood crisis. For this reason, Twitter has linked the coaching and students together.

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