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How to grow a business with less capital

If you are thinking that the business cannot be increased with less capital. So you are thinking wrong. I will tell you today how you can grow your business in less capital? If you see the big business models of the world, then they have been able to grow their business even in low capital. This is the biggest secret of his success.

Use fly light business model

business model
business model

If you look at the business model of Ola and Uber, the two largest taxi provider companies in the world, you will find that they do not have a single taxi and driver of their own, yet they are the largest taxi service provider companies in the world.

You can adopt a similar model. You see that their expenditure is more in extending business. Not in investing business. You can also make a similar model for yourself. And even in low investment, big companies can stand. The special thing about such companies is that you have to keep less staff. And the business model is larger.

You will also find similar example of Alibaba and Amazon. He has not developed any model of his own. It sells items of other retailers on its platform. And they have not had to invest anything.

See if you can apply such a model in your business according to your business. One of the biggest features of this business model is that there is no fear of getting your money stuck in it.

Advantages of fly light model

The biggest advantage of the fly light model is that you have to invest in minimum. There is no fear of losing your money from this. Another advantage is that you get higher returns on less investment. It also makes it easier for you to get investors. At the same time, you have to sell your market share less. This keeps you in control of the company.

The biggest advantage of the fly light business model is that you do not have to recover the cost. Suppose your business is ever closed, then you do not have to worry about recovering costs at all.

When you have reduced the investment so much that it does not make any sense. Then where will the worry of recovering it come from? In such a situation, you can also enlarge your business model by less investment.

Low profit margin risk

Nowadays, it is seen in business that profit is very high and low. If you want to avoid this risk, then you have to adopt the flylight model.

What happens in this model is that you have to do the investment work. In such a situation, you do not have to worry about fluctuation rate.

As long as your business runs, you will continue to earn profit. If you are able to upgrade your business, then you can benefit from this business model in the long run. Later, when this business model is outdated, you can invest the same way in a business model. In such a situation, you will be able to create a cycle of business model.

Less cost to accident in business

The most important thing about this business model is that, when you want to expand this business model. Even then you have a low cost.

We give you an example of WhatsApp here. When WhatsApp was initially launched in some countries, its investment remained the same. But later when it was expanded to other countries and WhatsApp was launched in other countries, the company did not have to make any kind of investment for it.

And that’s why WhatsApp is a successful business model today. You can also see if you can create such a business model for yourself. And if you are successful in doing this, then you can earn big profit in low cost if you put yourself in this type of business model, as your business model will get bigger. Your profit will also increase.

Franchise model

You can also implement a franchise model in your business in this way. You do not need to make any kind of investment for the franchise. But the most important thing about this business model is that as your franchise increases, so does your profit. In this, you do not need to make any kind of investment. Only and only you have to deliver your product to your franchise.


Outsourcing is also an easy way to grow your business. You can give your work load to another partner and get a low cost product from there. If you get the product from outsourcing at a lower cost, then you work on the cost as well as increase your profit.

In such a situation, you do not need any kind of investment by outsourcing, your partner only invests completely. And your business model keeps moving forward. In this case, you should see whether you can implement a mutual model in your business model. If you succeed in doing this, then you can increase your profit from double to 3 times. It all depends on your business model.

The example of outsourcing business model is Apple in front of you. You would be surprised to know that the Apple company does not manufacture any of its iPhones themselves. Rather, Taiwanese company Foxconn manufactures smartphones for it. So in the same way you can apply any business model for yourself.

Right now only and only Apple has to focus on research and development. The hassle of making his smartphone is over.

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