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How to make oxygen

Oxygen is the most important element for living organisms. Without oxygen, life on our earth is not possible. About 21% oxygen is found in our Earth’s atmosphere. More nitrogen is 78% than this. Medical oxygen is manufactured in laboratories and factories. It occurs in liquid form. Which stays with the High Compressor.

Currently, the demand of oxygen due to corona virus in India has increased a lot. It has already increased by about 7 to 8 times.

In such a situation, the question arises that how is oxygen finally formed? At present, people are dying due to lack of oxygen in India. It is not the oxygen found in our atmosphere. Rather it is medical oxygen. Which are manufactured in laboratories and factories.

Oxygen helps in burning substances. But it itself is not flammable. Whereas carbon dioxide which is found in our atmosphere is 2%. It is helpful in extinguishing substances. Oxygen, along with other elements, helps to burn a substance.

how to make oxygen

At this time, the demand for oxygen in India is increasing surprisingly. This is all due to the corona virus epidemic. Most people have gone on ventilators. They are in dire need of oxygen.

Oxygen is formed from the oxygen present in our atmosphere. A compressor is used for this.

This compressor absorbs air from the atmosphere and compresses it and sends it into a tanker. In the process of producing oxygen, the air placed in the tanker is further passed through a filter. We call it prefilter. This prefilter filters thick impurities in the air such as dust particles and other impurities.

The filter further transports this air to a refrigeration tank. What we call colloquially as refrigeration dryers. The task of this refrigeration dryer is to make the air cool and dry.

This refrigeration dryer removes moisture and residue in the air during the oxygen manufacturing process. And makes it absolutely dry and it is carried forward later.

After the refrigeration dryer, the air is passed through individual filters. Filters are called micron filters.

These micron filters filter small particles present in the air. So that the patient does not have any problem.

This air is stored in the dry air receiver for further processing. From here the main process of oxygen formation begins. Dry air is stored here.

The oxygen is subsequently sent from the air receiver to the generator. This is where oxygen is produced. Here, air is repeatedly circulated under a mechanism. There are two types of gas available here. The first is oxygen and the second is nitrogen.

The oxygen generator separates oxygen from nitrogen through individual filters. Here nitrogen is left and later the remaining pure oxygen is stored in the oxygen tank and oxygen is formed in this way.

This oxygen is stored on a high compressor. And it is stored in liquid form. Which is later used for the patient. Artificial oxygen is used in industries and places such as hospital medical facilities.

A filter is applied before this oxygen is filled into the cylinder. So that small bacteria and other bacteria present in oxygen gets destroyed and we get pure oxygen on our own. Later in the cylinders, this oxygen is transported to hospitals all over and wherever it is needed.

If we talk about the process of producing oxygen naturally, then trees plant oxygen through the process of photosynthesis. They absorb carbon dioxide from the air and give us oxygen instead.

How to make oxygen at home

Now the question arises here that can we manufacture oxygen at home? The answer is yes, we can manufacture oxygen at home.

We can manufacture oxygen at home under the electrolysis process. Oxygen generated through the electrolysis process is visible to us in the form of bubbles. However, oxygen cannot be manufactured at home for medical use.



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