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How to Undo sent gmail

Almost everyone use Gmail these days for office work and day-to-day life work. Sometimes we send Gmail to a wrong person or with spelling mistake. We want to unsend or undo this Gmail message. There is no option till now in Gmail for undo Gmail message. but now Gmail provide undo and send facility like WhatsApp.

you can do this Gmail in just one click. but remember you only have 5 second for do that.

Undo sent gmail
Undo sent gmail

whenever you send a gmail to a person or a client you see a undo message after you send a gmail. You need to click on this button.

after that your request will be processed within one or two second. And now you are done your Gmail message now and send. Now you can send this Gmail message once again with correct form for correct person.

once again remember that you only have 5 second for do that. after 5 second you can’t change the sending status in Gmail.

this undo Gmail option recently provide by Google.



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