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How universe formed, age begin expand, create, definition everything about universe

Whenever we try to look ahead of our earth, the sun is visible in the day. Whereas at night we see stars and the moon. This is what we call the universe. But have you ever wondered how this universe is made? What is its age and how big is the universe. How much the universe is expanding is the question we all want to know the answers to.

It is said about the universe that it is infinite. And is constantly spreading. So will the universe always expand or will its spread ever stop?

Scientists say that the universe is constantly expanding. And this spread will stop once a boundary is reached. And after that the universe will start shrinking, so let’s know how the universe came to be?

How did the universe form? Big bang theory

Whenever we look at the other end of the earth, we see the stars, the sun and the moon, all of which together create the universe. How was the universe finally built? It is also interesting to know. You would be surprised to know that the universe was formed from an atom.

The concept behind the creation of the universe by scientists is called big-bang-theory. According to this concept, the universe was created in 1 millionth of a second. Now most scientists have assumed that the universe was created by the Big Bang.

Before the creation of the universe, there was only one atom in this entire universe. But there was an explosion in this atom and infinite energy came out of this atom. Later, proton neutrons and all the elements of this method started to be formed from this energy. In the beginning this atom had a lot of energy. But with time this energy started to decrease and the substances started mixing with each other.

When the creation of the universe started in the beginning, there were two types of matter. One substance was called metal and the other type of substance was called antimalantral. When the two materials clashed, everything ended. But luck was good and the number of metal was more than the anti metal. In metal we can take all the elements from iron which are present in the present time. Scientists say that the element which is present at the present time. Even more elements existed before that. Because of which later the universe was created.

After this collision of metal and anti-metal, a circle of metal was formed. This shell exploded once again. Which we call big-bang-theory. According to this concept, due to the explosion in this bullet of metal, dust and smoke were scattered all around. That created the universe. It is said that when it was going away due to dust and smoke. Then a force was working in them. Due to this force, the elements started mixing with each other. This force we know today as the force of gravity.

In the beginning of the universe, most hydrogen molecules were present. Due to this gravitational force, these hydrogen molecules started colliding among themselves. So that the temperature of that place reached 10 million degrees Celsius. When this temperature reached above 10000000 ° C. Then there was a process called Fusion. It was due to this fusion process that the first star of the universe came into existence.

This fusion process started taking place in different places in the whole universe and stars were formed in different places. This process continued for millions of years.

How was the galaxy formed?

At the time of creation of the universe, stars started coming under the influence of each other due to the effect of gravity. And a place began to stabilize. When these stars gathered together in crores of numbers, separate groups were formed. This is how galaxies began to form. Our Milky Way is named Milkyway. This is the way millions of galaxies exist in our universe.

All the dust, smoke and particles were present in our galaxy due to the effect of gravity. They started connecting with each other. And in this way the construction of planets and satellites began.

It is said about the formation of our Sun that when the hydrogen atoms and atoms started mixing together and the temperature was in millions of degrees Celsius, the process of fusion started. And a new star was created. Which is called Surya. Due to this sun our solar system found a center. The dust around this center started circling due to the effect of gravity due to smoke. Later these dust particles of smoke formed planets and satellites. And one of them is our planet Earth. According to the knowledge of man, till now in this universe, Earth is the only planet on which life is possible.

How many universe are there

Now the question arises whether the number of universe is more than one. Most people know that the universe is one. And the whole creation is contained as one universe. But scientists say that the number of universe can be more than 1.

This universe still exists at such a distance that we cannot see them. But scientists say that over time this universe will come closer to each other. This universe still exists at such a distance that light cannot reach there.

Scientists say that more than one universe can exist. At the same time it is also possible that Earth like ours exists in another universe. Which we cannot see now. If we have to find out whether the number of the universe is more than 1 or not, then we have to go in the early years of the creation of the universe.

The concept that we have concerning the creation of the universe is called big-bang-theory. According to this concept, one atom exploded and the universe itself was created by this explosion. This universe is continuously expanding after that and we do not know any end of it.

If seen in this way, apart from our universe, many universe can exist. Some people say that many universes can exist even in one universe.

We can know clearly only about the number of the universe. When we can reach another universe. But now it is not possible that we can reach the end of our universe. In such a situation, it is not possible to say for sure any concept, how many of our universe exist?

What is the age of the universe?

Don’t you want to know what is the age of the universe? According to scientists, our universe is 13.8 billion years old. But how did we know that our universe is 13.8 billion years old?

Before we go to the age of the universe, we need to know what is the age of our Earth? And how did we know how old the earth is?

According to scientists, the age of our Earth is 4.5 billion years. Scientists used rocks that have been present since the beginning of the Earth to find the age of the Earth. After extracting the age of these rocks, the age of the earth was estimated which turned out to be 4.5 billion years. The method we used to find the age of the earth is called carbon dating or radio active method.

We live in a universe that is constantly expanding. You will be surprised to know that our Galaxy is constantly moving away from the other Galaxy in the universe. Scientists used this distance to find the age of the universe. And tried to know how fast our Galaxy is moving away from other Galaxy. And according to this time, scientists have said that the age of our universe is 13.8 billion years.

The universe was built about 13.8 billion years ago. We came to know this by knowing the age of the universe.

The biggest star of the universe

When we look at the sky at night, we see many stars. But you will be surprised to know that our eyes can only see 13 stars at a time. According to scientists there are about 100 billion stars in our universe. In such a situation, how to know which is the biggest star?

Our Sun is also a star. Which brings energy to the Earth. Till date scientists have discovered all the stars. The heaviest of them are Tara r136a1. This star is 265 times heavier than our Sun.

Till date, the biggest star among all the scientists who have dated it is scuti. This star is 700 times larger than the Sun’s radius.

As the search of scientists progresses and we will get more information about the universe. We will also be able to know which is the biggest star of our universe? At the same time, we will also get information about which is the heaviest star in our universe. We still know these stars.

End of the Universe?

We all know that any thing or human being is created. It also has its end. In such a situation, the question arises, when will our universe end?

According to scientists, we live in a universe where it is constantly expanding. Scientists say that our universe is constantly expanding. But there will come a day when the expansion of our universe will stop and it will start shrinking again. This universe will then turn into a sphere and our universe will end. However, scientists have not yet been able to tell how many years after the end of our universe? But it is so certain that our universe will exist for billions of years to come.

How big is our universe?

Such scientists say that no end of our universe is known yet. But scientists still have made an estimate of how big the universe can be. Scientists say that the spread from one end of the universe to the other end can be up to 100,000 light years. Where 10000 million stars and 10000 million planets are present.

But do you know how many galaxies exist outside our galaxy so far? Could not find it correctly. As you go outside our galaxy, the size of our universe also increases.

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