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India is behind the world in 5G technology

When India started the 4G technology, the Government of India had said that India would be at the forefront of 5G. But this does not seem to be happening. India also seems to be lagging behind the world in 5G technology. And maybe India had to pay a huge economic cost to the world for falling behind in 5G technology.

European countries such as China, America, Japan and England have adopted 5G technology. And commercial use 5G has started there.

How India is behind in 5G technology

5G technology
5G technology

Bharat is far behind the world in 5G technology. And 5G technology is expected to be introduced in the coming 3 to 4 years.

5G technology trials have not even started in India. Even the spectrum for 5G technology has not yet been allocated to telecom companies. In such a situation, the telecom companies are not able to start their trial. And now the spectrum allocated for 5G trial due to corona virus has been extended even further.

In such a situation, 5G internet in India may be delayed even more. According to BBC News, 5G technology in India is not going to come before 2023.

Telecom companies are heavily in debt

Indian telecom companies are heavily in debt. For this reason, 5G trials are not being held in India. Telecom companies are unable to buy spectrum due to heavy debt. vodafone-idea The second largest company in the country is buried under heavy debt.

After the recent decision given by the Supreme Court, there has been a crisis over the existence of this company. Government telecom company BSNL has not even started 4G yet. It would be dishonest to expect anything from BSNL.

India’s largest telecom company Jio has definitely asked the government to allocate 5G spectrum. Jio has said that Jio is ready to make 5G technology available in the country. On behalf of Jio, it has been said that Jio’s 5G solution is completely indigenous. And it will also be exported to other countries. Although not fully convinced about the availability of jio5g. As of now, there is no trial of Xiao 5G solution in the country.

On behalf of Jio, it has been said that by July next year 5G internet will be made available in the country.

How is 5G different from 4G

5G is completely different from 4G technology. Its bandwidth also comes apart. To provide 5G technology, you have to provide high quality bandwidth. The speed of 5G is up to 100 times faster than 4G. While 4G Internet speeds range from 100 Mbps to 1gbps, the 5G speeds range from 1gbps to 100 Gbps.

5G technology is being called future-changing technology. In such a situation, if India loses in adopting this technology, it can cause huge economic loss to India. In such a situation, it is up to the government to provide the 5G spectrum to telecom companies. And how much cheaper spectrum is available?

Expensive spectrum big problem

The price of 5G spectrum in India is also very high. The government has placed a reserve bid of ₹ 1 lakh 50 thousand crore for 5G spectrum. Which is too much. Speaking of England, the reserve price here is $ 70 million. At the same time in Australia it can be less than 10 million dollars. If 5G technology is the most expensive in India, then its importance will also decrease for India. In such a situation, it is completely dependent on the government outside, what will be the rate of 5G spectrum and 5G in the country? The same telecom regulator TRAI has asked the government to reduce license fees. The telecom companies have demanded this method.

Telecom companies say that 5G technology will not be viable for India after buying such expensive spectrum. Because after taking such expensive spectrum, 5G net will cost a lot. Which will not be easy to buy for the Indian customer. Let us tell you that the cheapest 4G internet in the world is available in India. And India remains number one in the world in terms of data consumption.

Cost will increase due to ban of Chinese company

Chinese companies Huawei and JDTE have been banned for Internet in India. In this case, the cost of 5G technology will increase in India. India would have bought 5G technology from European companies Nokia and Ericsson. Which is much more expensive. Let us tell you that China has the cheapest technology in the world. but. If China bans, then India will have to buy expensive.

If Reliance Jio is able to provide affordable 5G technology in the country, then there will be good news for the country. But for this, the government will also have to give Reliance Jio a waiver on the economic front. In order to keep the company’s technology internationally competitive.

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