Space missions by ISRO

Indian Space Research organisation will now use green fuel for its space mission launch

Indian Space Research organisation ISRO has announced that they are going to manufacture green fuel. This green fuel will be completely eco friendly. It is going to benefit the environment too much.

K Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Agency, informed the media about this time. K Sivan had said that now we are going to use green fuel for our space mission. He said that eco-friendly nonhdarzus fuels are going to be used during space missions in place of sensitive flammable fuels.

Green fuel will be used in India’s space mission from next year

The Indian space mission will use green fuel from next year. Green fuel will first be used in the Gaganyaan mission. Because it is going to be a manav mission. In such a situation, the protection of our astronodes is also important.

The most important thing about green fuel is that it is made of the same chemical type. It does not use any other type of chemical. That is why green fuel is considered to be the most perfect and safe during space missions. If there is a possibility of a blast during any space mission, then the first priority is to save our astronaut. In such a situation, non hazardous fuel is considered to be the safest.

How Green Fuel Works During Space Mission

Right now the question arises here why the Indian Space Research Agency is going to use green fuel only? And on what manner does it prove safe for Astronod.

When hydrogen peroxide is used as fuel, its formula is very simple. The hydrogen formula remains as fuel in the form of h2o2. Later it breaks down and separates h2o as oxygen and o2. In this way it is a very simple formula. Which will now be used as fuel during the space mission. In this way, the product that will come out of the fuel in this space mission is water and oxygen. Which do not pollute the environment in any way. In this way, the same type of fuel will be used during the entire space mission. No other type of chemical will be used in this. The fuel used earlier during space missions used two types of chemical. In such a situation, there was a very high possibility of blast.

Spacecraft is also cheaper economically

The biggest advantage of green knowledge fuel made by the Indian Space Research Agency is that it is much cheaper than the traditionally used fuel. In such a situation, the cost of space missions will also come down drastically. Its biggest expenditure for running any spacecraft comes as fuel. In such a situation, if any small missions are to be launched in the coming time, then their cost will also be reduced considerably.

Two more green fuels of this type are being manufactured by the Indian Space Research Agency. Which can be used in future.

The Indian Space Research Agency is known worldwide for launching cheap satellites. In such a situation, if the new green fuel is used by the Indian space agency for its small missions and lorbit missions, it will become even more in launching space missions around the world.

Currently, the Indian Space Research Agency is facing competition from space agencies like China and Vietnam. Which can be encountered as green fuel. With this, satellites can be easily launched into space on a low budget. In such a situation, the Indian Space Research Agency can also earn huge profits through satellite launch.

ISRO is building a lightweight spacecraft

The Indian Space Research Agency is also currently building a lightweight spacecraft. If the Indian Space Agency is able to manufacture green fuel, then we will be able to build a lightweight spacecraft. Because the special feature of green fuel which ISRO is using is that it is high-density. That is, we can fill more fuel in less space. In this way, the Indian Space Research Agency will be able to test more heavyweight space satellites. We currently use the French Research Agency to test heavy satellites in space. Which costs us a lot more.

Also, the most important thing about green fuel is that it is not dangerous to humans in any way. It is easy to bring them. And they can be stored anywhere. This method reduces the cost of green fuel even more.

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