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Is Rahul Gandhi ready for full time politics?

Raising almost every issue of Rahul Gandhi. And now they have also hit the road. So the question arises whether Rahul Gandhi has now entered the field for full time politics? How many days will this struggle continue.

By the way, the more days Rahul Gandhi continues the struggle, the more days will be good for him. This is the first time in the last six-seven years that BJP is looking at backfoot. And perhaps the result of Rahul Gandhi’s struggle. Rahul Gandhi is constantly trying to revive the Congress.

Rahul Gandhi’s struggle had started before Hathras gang rape

It is not that Rahul Gandhi has raised his voice only on the Hathras gang rape. He is giving his opinion on almost every issue. Whether it is about new agrarian reform laws or demonetization, Rahul Gandhi is now ready to fight on almost every issue.

Recently, he made a video series about new agrarian reform laws. And had even signed the death certificate of these farmers. Now BJP is on the defensive about agrarian reform laws. In the same manner, Rahul Gandhi also took to the streets regarding the Hathras gang rape and expressed his intention that now he is ready to fight with the government.

When the media was asking him questions other than Hathras gang rape, he was not giving any answer. And Rahul Gandhi consistently said that he would only live with the family of Hathras gang-rape victim. In such a situation, Congress workers are definitely liking this new avatar of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi is raising almost every issue

Rahul Gandhi seems to have been ready for full-time politics. That is why they are raising every issue against the government, whether it is talk or whether it is a matter of falling GDP or law and order, they are constantly attacking the Rahul Gandhi government and now the BJP government is seen on the backfoot.

At the same time, the BJP government is also making some mistakes during which it has to bear the brunt. Regarding the Hathras gang-rape, it has been seen that the Yogi government was not consistently allowing the media to go to the village. And the victim’s body was burnt at 2:30 in the night. This gave Rahul Gandhi a chance to attack the government. And he did not let this opportunity go, Rahul Gandhi was even accused of doing politics about Hathras gang rape. But still did not go out of his way. This shows that Rahul Gandhi has now agreed to struggle.

Rahul has been continuously accusing Gandhi that he is active on social media. But do not struggle by getting on the road. Even if someone struggles, then he sits back quietly. Now Rahul Gandhi has also broken this stereotype.

Rahul Gandhi is getting media coverage

Rahul Gandhi, who is almost constantly missing from the media, is in the discussion in both these media. She keeps getting pictures of Rahul Gandhi in the media all day, this shows that Rahul Gandhi is constantly taking to the streets and participating in the protests against the government. These days Rahul Gandhi is on a tour of Punjab and Haryana. And there, along with the new rail reform law, tractors are taking out with Railia farmers.

Rahul Gandhi does not want to make this struggle a struggle of Congress workers only. This is the reason why he is following the farmers and farmers’ organizations. The media has been accused of not giving the opposition a place in coverage. But Rahul Gandhi has also proved this to be wrong. And remain consistent in media coverage.

If this struggle continues for Rahul Gandhi, then the coming days for the BJP may be full of difficulties. Especially at a time when elections are going to be held in important states like Bihar and West Bengal. Bye-elections are also to be held in Madhya Pradesh. Where the arithmetic of power is yet to be decided. And the media surveys are saying that the alarm bell has been sounded for the Bharatiya Janata Party in Madhya Pradesh too.

Rahul Gandhi managed to garner public support against new agrarian reform laws

The government may have said that the new agricultural reform law should be in the interest of farmers. But Rahul Gandhi has managed to garner public support. And they seem to have favored the farmers.

In such a situation, it is a danger bell for the government. Because even today the arithmetic of power originates in rural India. In such a situation, the concerns of the government are continuously increasing. The government has been consistently saying that the new agrarian reform law is in the interest of farmers. But Rahul Gandhi has already won. And now Rahul Gandhi’s popularity is also increasing due to the struggle with the farmers. At the same time, Narendra Modi, who is always an attacker on Rahul Gandhi, is seen on the backfoot these days.

One thing has been decided with this fact that if you struggle then nothing is impossible. There was a continuous news in the media that Rahul Gandhi had flopped. But now it seems that Rahul Gandhi has decided that he wants to prove people wrong. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see what result of this struggle of Rahul Gandhi in the coming days?

Priyanka Gandhi is walking shoulder to shoulder with Rahul Gandhi

At the same time, his sister Priyanka Gandhi is also walking with him in this struggle of Rahul Gandhi. Wherever Rahul Gandhi goes to fight, Priyanka Gandhi is definitely seen with him. Whether it is the case of Hathras or the new agrarian reform laws, Priyanka Gandhi is seen almost everywhere. And he too has almost stopped doing part time politics.

Priyanka Gandhi has understood that if the struggle is not done on the road, then the power will still remain a dream for the Congress. This thing is understood after Priyanka Gandhi got the charge of Uttar Pradesh. And it seems that the Congress is trying to regain its support base in Uttar Pradesh. And it seems to be successful to some extent as well.

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