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Is Taliban intentionally ending Afghanistan peace talks

After the recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan by the Taliban, the question arises whether the Taliban are intentionally ending the peace talks in Qatar?

In September this year, peace talks are underway with the Taliban and US allies in Qatar. But after the recent attacks by the Taliban, now questions are being raised whether the peace talks will end unscathed? And the peace expected by the people of Afghanistan for 20 years will once again come to an end.

The Taliban has been carrying out frequent suicide attacks in Helmand province, its strongest stronghold. Apart from this, the Taliban is also continuously doing bomb blasts there. Hundreds of people are dying in Afghanistan due to this. Now the condition has become so bad that people are not safe even in their homes. Why are these attacks being carried out by the Taliban? This is a great question. While US peace talks with the Taliban in Qatar continue. Which includes the Afghan politician.

Why is Taliban constantly conducting terrorist attacks in Afghanistan?

Despite peace talks, there are frequent terrorist attacks by the Taliban in Afghanistan in Helmand province. So the question arises that why is the Taliban finally attacking all this? The US has been accused by the Taliban of ending peace talks. Whereas, America is also talking about the Taliban. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the world to believe the Taliban peace. So, in such a situation, what are the ways of peace in Afghanistan, it is also a matter of thinking whether peace will never be established in Afghanistan?

Experts are saying that a new type of civil war could erupt in Afghanistan if the attacks by the Taliban do not stop soon.

Funding is the biggest reason for frequent terrorist attacks by the Taliban. The more terrorist attacks that the Taliban conducts in Afghanistan, the more it benefits. And he is establishing his control over more areas. This is why the Taliban are constantly attacking in Afghanistan. Experts on the other hand are also saying that the Taliban want to take control of all their old areas in Afghanistan before the peace talks end. For this reason, he is carrying out continuous terrorist attacks in Afghanistan.

Will Afghanistan and America’s peace talks in Qatar end?

Peace talks are underway between the US and Afghanistan’s terrorist organization Taliban to establish peace in Afghanistan. As part of the peace talks, the US has placed a condition before the Taliban that if it stops the terrorist attack in Afghanistan and ends its relations with other major terrorist organizations like ISI, the US will withdraw all its troops by August 2021.

But now it does not seem to be happening in Afghanistan. Experts are saying that Taliban attacks have become sharper and bigger than before. With this, the Taliban has increased among the more chaotic people in Afghanistan. People are not safe even in their homes. Taliban are attacking people on their way to schools and jobs. This has also increased the concern of the security forces. Recently, a van of the security forces was attacked by the Taliban in which 40 security forces personnel were killed. In addition, some Taliban fighters were also killed in retaliation. NATO chief Scott Morrison strongly condemned the attack. Scort Morrison has said that the Taliban does not want peace in Afghanistan. And he is responsible for this attack.

Neto chief Scott Morrison, however, said he would continue to respond to attacks by the Taliban. And it will continue to help the security forces of Afghanistan.

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