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Jahanvi Kapoor’s sister Khushi Kapoor may make her Bollywood debut soon

Khushi Kapoor, sister of Bollywood actress Jahanvi Kapoor, is expected to make her Bollywood debut soon. This information was given by Khushi Kapoor and Bhani Kapoor, father of Jahanvi Kapoor. Speaking to Bombay Times, Boney Kapoor said that I want Khushi Kapoor to launch a director whom I can trust. And whom I respect. Boney Kapoor further said that as a father I want Khushi Kapoor to launch another producer. This tells us clearly that Khushi Kapoor can make her Bollywood debut soon. Boney Kapoor said that as a father, I can launch Khushi Kapoor because of my love. But I will not do this, I should never make this mistake.

Talking about his daughter Khushi Kapoor, Boney Kapoor said that I have the resources. But I still want another Bollywood producer to launch Khushi Kapoor in Bollywood. Let us know for your information that Boney Kapoor is the biggest producer and filmmaker of Bollywood. Jahanvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor are the daughters of Boney Kapoor and Sridevi. While Arjun Kapoor is the son of Boney Kapoor’s first wife.

Let us tell you for information that Khushi Kapoor has expressed a desire to film with Karan Johar many times. Earlier, Karan Johar has also launched Khushi Kapoor’s sister Jahanvi Kapoor in Bollywood. Karan Johar is known for launching Star Kids in Bollywood.

For information, let us know that the Dharma production is that of Karan Johar. Jahanvi Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with her film Dhadak. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which producer launches Khushi Kapoor in Bollywood.

Khushi Kapoor is also very popular on Instagram. She constantly uploads her images and videos on Instagram.



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