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Kim Kardashian may seek divorce from her husband kanye west report

Famous television actress Kim Kardashian may soon get divorced from her husband kaney west. According to a report published in CNBC, the two are still living separately. And both may decide to divorce soon. According to a report published in CNBC, sources have said that the two are living separately, although CNBC did not say how long Kim Kardashian and her husband have been living separately. But it has been a long time since the two lived separately.

Let us tell you for information that Kim Kardashian is one of the most expensive actresses in the television world in America. And his fan following is also very much seen. In addition to television, Kimkardisha also runs its own fashion store. She also continues to upload posts on Instagram for her fashion store.

For information, let us know that Kim Kardashian and her husband kaney west got married in May 2014. It was a big ceremony. Kim Kardishan is currently living in California with her four children, according to CNBC. In such a situation, it is being said that after divorce, children can live near Kim Kardashian.

According to sources, Kim Kardashian and her husband had been in a distance for a long time regarding the relationship. However no other person is responsible for this.

At the same time, according to US law, whatever earnings Kim Kardishan and her husband kaney west have made after their marriage will be divided in equal parts. In such a situation, Kim Kardishan is expected to get a huge amount from this divorce. At the same time, Kim Kardishan can also demand a huge amount from her husband for divorce. Which can be billions of dollars.

Let me tell you one more thing about Kim Kardashian, she is one of most followed celebrity in USA on Instagram. She have more than 198 million followers on Instagram.

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