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Know what Rahul Gandhi talked to economists about India’s economy?

Rahul Gandhi has spoken to Bangladesh’s Nobel Prize winner economist Professor Younis Khan about India’s economy and Bangladesh’s economy. Rahul Gandhi’s meaning of the original city, how the economy of India and Bangladesh affected by India and Bangladesh, affected by the Rural Economy and Corona virus should be carried out.

At the same time, Rahul Gandhi and Nobel Prize winner economist Professor Younis Khan also emphasized the participation of women. They say that if women are not participating in the country’s economy, then we are making a big mistake.

Women’s participation in economies

Rahul Gandhi
rahul Gandhi

When Rahul Gandhi said that how can we make women a partner in the country’s economy? In response, Nobel Prize Winner Economist Professor Younis Khan said that we will now have to bring women further. Since micro finance has come. Since then, women have shown how it can move forward to the industries. And can be important for the country’s economy.

Economist said that it is our misfortune that we have never understood women important for the economy. Rather we copied the western countries. And women fired out of the economy. Economist said that although women have their own limitations. Because of this, they can not contribute to the industries to pursue.

Economist Professor Younis Khan said that we forget the contribution of women. And they are never remembered for the economy. While women have an important role in the economy.

Rural economy must be done parallel

When Rahul Gandhi talked about the rural economy of India and Bangladesh. Rahul Gandhi said that the rural economy in India is going through a difficult period at this time. And millions of people have become unemployed.

In response to this, Nobel Prize Winner Professor Younis Khan said that we are still watching that people go towards cities to get employment. And the government is also paying attention to the cities.

The government feels that the main center of the economy can be the city. While it is not so. Nowadays we have road technology with telecommunications and transport. So what is that now we have to go to the cities to make the employment center?

He said that if your luck is good then you will get employment, otherwise you will be closed in cities. We need it that we have to run the rural economy parallel to the urban economy.

By 10 years ago it was that the infrastructure was not present in the rural economy. But now this is not true. And we have to come to the village.

We do not need to go back to the economy before Corona

Nobel Prize Winner Professor Mohammed Younus Khan has said that we have a competition to go to the position before the Corona virus. While I say why we have to go to the position before Corona virus?

There was a lot of disorder there. We were struggling with global warming. And the world was about to end in a short time. If all this continues to go, everyone ends after the next two decades. And we do not have anything left.

He said that now we have given a chance to think about Corona virus. That’s why we have to move forward to the rural economy now. And parallel to the urban economy will have to stand the rural economy.

Professor Younis said that artificial intelligence was constantly increasing in the world before Corollaarus. For this reason people were becoming unemployed. And after 2 decades, we will have unemployment in the number of millions. And only a few people will have money. So why do we need to go back to the previous economy?

It is not to celebrate time. Rather, we need to think that we have to reconstitute the economy.

Rahul Gandhi said that I fully agree with you. About 78 years ago, Mahatma Gandhi has to think about. And I think India and Bangladeshi models can be different.

There are many drawbacks in the west. We have seen us. In such a situation, countries like India and Bangladesh will have to build a economy based on the villagers. So that employment can be generated for people in our rural areas.

Can not compete in the economy of America and India

Professor Younis Khan said that we do not have to compete in the system of India and America. The culture and society of the culture and there is different. There is a cast based system. While there is a cast-based color-based society in America. In such a situation, we should not compete with each other. Rather we should stand an economy of ourselves. Which is in line with our people.

Professor Younis Khan said that if the economy of the country will be strong and the rural economy is strong, then the Cast based problem can be found. He said that when you start a business together, you do not see that the person in front of which religion and caste is. You only just start the business with them. And later becomes a friend.

Professor Younis Khan said that we have to promote rural banks. Professor further said that we see that the rural bank is far away from legal hassle. So in this manner rural people have shown their strong will. And it is showing that they have returned to the money of rural banks.

While they do not have anything to give in the form of bail. Still, banks have shown faith on the rural system. In such a situation, the government should also show belief in the rural economy. This can lead to the basic basis of the rural economy country.

Government is destroying the economy

Rahul Gandhi, giving examples, how we empowered millions of women through self-help group in Uttar Pradesh. And how to provide them employment. But later the government turned and started destroying them.

Professor Younis Khan said that when you do a good thing, then how much you try to break them. I believe that governments have unlimited power. But even when you do a good job then you can not break it. Good things are always unbreakable. If you are not being allowed to work in Uttar Pradesh, you will make your place with more power in any other state. And then you have to come back to that place. Because people are liking your work. And if you are liking your work then you can not bend any one.

The problem of migrant laborers came out

Rahul Gandhi said that when the Corona virus came in big countries like India, the problem of migrant laborers came out and came out. We tried to give them food. At the same time, they should be given a direct case will be given.

But there was no aspiration on the government that they should be given direct cash benefit. The government felt that the workers are without any importance. While it is not so. In such a situation, we have given time to think about the economies again.

Corneirus has told us that the mechanisms were running. There are some flaws in it. And we should think about it again.

Rahul Gandhi said that if India’s economy is to raise itself, we will have to think again in which way we can extend the economy. And we should re-start again. We should not start from there where Corona started. Rather, we should make its economy according to the needs of India. So that the Indian economy can move forward. At the same time we have to stand strong infrastructure. We have to build. Its possibilities in countries like India and Bangladesh are very high.

Because the western countries have already made themselves very much. In such a situation, countries like India and Bangladesh have a good chance. Which we can not lose. And if this chance was lost, then the country’s economy may have to pay a huge price.

Rahul Gandhi is increasing the difference between poverty and riches in India

Rahul Gandhi discussed with Professor Younis Khan and said that the basic problem of India’s economy is also that the difference between poverty and riches is increasing. The poor have continuously decreasing money. While the money has increased money continuously. Rich is becoming rich every day. While the rest of the economy and people are becoming poor. We have to leave this economy based economy.

Because of this, an angry in society has arisen. And this angry can ever generate a threat to the country. Corona virus has given us a chance to think about this economy again. And we feel that the rural economy needs to raise up again.

Professor Younis Khan said that we do not think about this in normal circumstances. But Corona virus has given a chance to think about our Economy and our social structure once again. We have to bring rich and poor one similar. He said that generally I am seeing that the number of billionaires is constantly increasing in countries like India and Bangladesh. While the number of people raising above poverty is continuously decreasing. This is a matter of concern. In such a situation, it should be thinking about it.



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