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Mee raqsam full movie review

Me Raqsam has been released today on Zee5. The length of the mee raqsam is 1 hour and 30 minutes. The film is completely based on the battle of Hindu Muslims and religion prevailing in the country.

Mee Raqsam is the story of the fight of a girl who fights for her dreams. Where a father and daughter fight for their dreams. At the same time, some people stop flying their dreams in the name of religion. Mee Raqsam puts you a very hidden message in front of you in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Mee raqsam rating 3/5 out of 5

Director Baba azmi

Mee raqsam star cast naseeruddin Shah, Danish Husain, shradha kaul, Rakesh chaturvedi Om, Aditi subedi, sudipta Singh, kaustubh Shukla, farrukh jaffar

Mee raqsam story

mee raqsam
mee raqsam

The story of the film Mee raqsam is a slap on the cheek of those religious contractors. Those who have understood religion as their property. In the movie Mee raqsam, you will get to see a tremendous sample of Hindu Muslim coordination. The same voice will also be seen against some such people. Which are hindering India from becoming one.

The story of Mee raqsam movie starts from a village. Where a father daughter and mother are spending their lives in a good way. That’s when a twist comes in his life. And the mother dies.

Salim (Danish Hussain) who is a tailor. He takes care of his daughter Maryam (Aditi Subedi) as both mother and father. Maryam wants to learn Bharatanatyam. That is why Salim gets Maryam’s admission with a dance teacher. Maryam is very good in dance. And she soon becomes proficient in Bharatanatyam.

But then there is an entry of religion in Maryam’s life, which is learning Bharatanatyam. This thing of his passing to some contractors of religion. The Muslim leader of the village, Hashim Seth, that is Nasruddin Shah, asks Maryam to stop all this. But Maryam’s father Salim Hasim does not listen to Seth.

On the other hand, Maryam and her father Salim have to face heavy opposition from their family as well. And Maryam’s family asks her to leave Bharatnatyam.

When other people come to know this, they stop stitching clothes from Salim’s place. Jayaprakash on the other hand who donates to the dance school. She does not like the fact that a Muslim girl learns Hindu dance Bharatnatyam.

Will Salim and his daughter Maryam bow down before all this? Will Maryam now start doing anything other than Bharatnatyam? Or will they be able to create a separate identity by fighting these religion contractors? This is the whole story of mee raqsam.

is mee raqsam a good movie?

Dekho mee raqsam is such a film, which manages to speak without any religious frenzy. If you want to see a story that shows the unity of India. So you can definitely see mee raqsam.

As well as the story of a girl’s struggle. How does she want to fulfill her dreams. So you want to see mee raqsam movie.

However mee raqsam film also has some shortcomings. This story is so predictable that you guess it at the beginning. Also, the ending of mee raqsam is also in the film style. As in every Bollywood film.

Mee raqsam could be made even more special by making some minor changes in the film. Which has not been done. But still I would definitely call mee raqsam a commendable effort. In such a situation, you can definitely watch mee raqsam movie once. Mee raqsam movie you can watch on zee5.

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