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Modi government on backfoot regarding new agrarian reform law Farmers’ organizations called in Delhi for talks

Ever since the new agrarian reform laws are in force in India, the Narendra Modi government has been continuously opposed. And now in view of this, Narendra Modi government is not on the backfoot about the new agrarian reform laws. And farmer organizations have been called to Delhi to negotiate.

Earlier on October 8 also, the Narendra Modi government had called farmers’ organizations to Delhi to negotiate new agrarian reform laws. This invitation was however rejected by the peasant organizations. Farmers’ organizations say that in the invitation given by the Narendra Modi government on October 8 for new agricultural reform laws, it has been said that you have misunderstood these laws. While we have understood these agricultural laws properly. And also know his intention.

For information, let us know that most opposition to the new agrarian reform laws is happening in Haryana and Punjab. 31 farmer organizations have been called by the Narendra Modi government for talks here. However, the farmers’ organizations have not decided whether to hold talks with the Modi government regarding agrarian reform laws.

Farmers’ organizations say that until the new agrarian reform laws will be completely repealed. Till then no talks will be held with the Modi government. Farmers’ organizations say that the Modi government should legally guarantee the minimum support price. Only then can this dialogue take place.

At the same time, General Secretary of the Indian Farmers Union Jagmohan Singh has said that he has received an invitation for a meeting to be held in Delhi on 14 October. For this, we will have a meeting in Punjab on 13 October. And all the farmer organizations will decide together whether to participate in this meeting or not.

The farmers of Punjab and Haryana demand that these three new agrarian reform laws be repealed completely. The movement will continue until these new agrarian reform laws are repealed. Farmers say that by implementing the new agrarian reform law, the Modi government wants to take away their minimum support price. And we never want this. The farmers demand that the Narendra Modi government revoke the old system by repealing the new agrarian reform law.

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