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Narendra Modi government don’t want to give government jobs

Is the Narendra Modi government not deliberately employing people? This question is arising because the youth are demanding employment on Twitter and various social media platforms these days. While the government is saying that it does not have employment to give. But now the question arises whether the Narendra Modi government is not deliberately providing employment? The answer is yes.

Because a large number of government jobs are vacant in the country. While the government is not filling these posts.

It is not that we are talking only about government jobs here. Rather, the number of jobs in private factories is also continuously decreasing. And the youth is wandering unemployed. The result of this is seen on social media when Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday is being celebrated as National Unemployed Day. So let’s understand the mathematics of jobs, how many government jobs are there in the country? And what is the Narendra Modi government doing to fill these positions? We will also understand the mathematics of private jobs as well.

How many government jobs are there currently in the country?

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan Singh

If we understand the employment system of our country, then you should understand that only 4% of the total jobs in the country are government jobs. Of this, very little of the jobs given by the central government. At this time there is a ruckus in the country that, the central government does not recruit government jobs on time. And even if the recruitment tax is taken, joining letters are not given.

Out of a population of 130 crore in our country, at present there are 50 crore people who are worth doing. Workable people are considered to be people whose age ranges from 15 years to 59 years.

Now in such a situation, it is certain that not all people can be given government jobs. If we talk about the number of government jobs in the country, then it is about one crore 60 lakhs. It includes both state and central share. Now if we talk only about central government jobs, then they are present around 38 lakhs.

How many government jobs do the central government have?

If we talk about central government government jobs in government jobs here, the central government currently has a total of about 3800000 posts. But this entire 3800000 posts are not filled. If we talk about 2014 to 2019, the number of these posts was only around 38 lakhs.

Now if we talk about Narendra Modi government and Manmohan Singh government, then government jobs in Narendra Modi government have reduced even more. There were around 3800000 government posts in 2018 in the Narendra Modi government. Of these, 3107000 employees were present in the posts. About 700000 posts were vacant.

Now when we talk about the Manmohan Singh government here, at that time there were about 3200000 employees working in the central government. While the total posts are around 3645000. That is, the number of government jobs has decreased in the Narendra Modi government. We are talking about cool filled posts here. That is, the government position is empty with the Narendra Modi government. But these are not being admitted.

This information was given by the Ministry of Personnel of the Narendra Modi government in the Lok Sabha in response to a question in 2018. In such a situation, we can consider this figure to be correct.

How many government jobs are available in Railways?

Now if we talk about the largest department in jobs in government, then it is the Railways. But how many posts are vacant in the railway right now?

According to a figure given by the central government, there are about 250,000 vacancies in the railway. Those who are yet to be admitted. Or not being recruited by the central government.

On the other hand, if we talk about the civil jobs in the defense sector, then about 190,000 posts were vacant. Those who are yet to be admitted.

Does the government deliberately not provide government jobs?

Now the question arises here that when such a large number of government posts are vacant, then why is the Modi government not providing jobs? Does the Narendra Modi government deliberately not want to give government jobs? The answer is yes.

The Narendra Modi government says that the government has to spend heavily on government employees. When the Narendra Modi government came to power, 124,000 crore rupees of the government were being spent on paying salaries to government employees. This expenditure increased to Rs 190000 crore in 2018. And this government spending continues to increase.

The central government says that too much money is already being spent on government jobs. And the central government is running in deficit. In such a situation, it is good if government jobs are not given. This will cause the central government to spend less money on government jobs.

Government jobs are decreasing rapidly

Now, if we talk about government jobs here, the central government is continuously reducing government jobs. The government argues that it has to spend a lot on government jobs. And private jobs tend to be cheaper.

Here we tell you by comparing 1971. In 1971, there was the government of Indira Gandhi. At that time, the central government had around 26 lakh government jobs. Which went up to about 34 lakhs in 1981. At this time there was a tremendous boom in government jobs. But after that the number of government jobs continued to decline.

Even after this, there was a rapid increase in government jobs. In 1995, the number of government jobs with the central government of the country increased to 3813000.

It was only in 1991 that the Central Government started privatization in the country. After this, the number of government jobs started decreasing rapidly. However, by 1995, the number of government jobs in the country increased to 3982000. After this the posts of government jobs started to decrease.

It was the year of 1995 when the central government had the highest number of government jobs. If we talk about the government figures of 2018, then the present government has 3118000 government employees. While there are around 38 lakh government posts in the country. In such a situation, there are about 700,000 government posts still vacant in the central government. On which government jobs can be given.

Government is now putting employees on contract

A major reason for the decline of government jobs in the central government is also that the government is now putting employees on contract. The biggest advantage of this is that the central government does not have to give any kind of security to the employees. At the same time, employees are also found at very low cost.

The trend of contract employees is increasing in central government undertakings. Talking about the figures of 2011, there were about 22.4% contract workers in government offices. This figure increased to 34.7% in 2018. In such a situation, you can understand that the number of contact employees is constantly increasing in government offices, this is also reducing the expenditure of the government.

The jobs of these hired employees are not safe. They can be removed from work at any time. At the same time, they are hired on low wages. They do not have any security after retirement. Because their money is already spent due to low salary.

Central government cannot give government job to everyone

When the central government is asked why government jobs have not been provided? So the government says that we cannot give government jobs to everyone. It is also true that not everyone can be given a government job. But why do people run after government jobs? Because their life is safe. And labor laws also apply. On the other hand, if you are doing any job in private sector, then your salary is less. And no labor laws also apply.

At present, if we talk about the government figures, about 90% people are working in the private sector. And their number is around 45 crores. These people drive rickshaws. Wages in agriculture. Or do some other small jobs. In such a situation, you can understand that what is the condition of private jobs in the country at this time?

Youth in the country wants a government job

Nowadays everyone wants a government job. And nothing is less approved than a government job. This is evident in the recent survey conducted by Live Mint. The survey was conducted by Live Mint on youth from 23 years to 38 years. When he was questioned on a government job, 80% of the people said that they wanted to do a government job.

In such a situation, you can get an idea of ​​the number of youth running behind government jobs in our country. Recently, recruitment on 127000 government posts was taken out by the Railways. For this, 2 crore youths had applied for employment. In such a situation, it is clear that the Central Government does not have jobs to give jobs to all.

And how many government jobs does the government of India provide compared to countries

Whenever we ask the question why the central government is not providing government jobs, the answer of the government is that, government jobs cannot be given to all. And this answer is also correct, that not all can be given government jobs. But when we compare India with other countries in terms of government jobs, then Indian time seems to be far behind.

In Norway, 159 people have a government job at 1000 people. While this figure is 138 in Sweden and 111 in Brazil, when we talk about Super Paro America of the world, 77 people per 1000 people have government jobs. Talking about our neighboring country China, 57 people have government jobs over 1000 people here.

Now we talk about the figures of India. Outside these countries are far behind. And only 16 people have a government job at a population of only one thousand. In such a situation, you can get an idea of ​​the state of India’s government jobs.

While this question was posed by economists around the world, they said that there should be a certain proportion of government jobs in society. This increases equality in society. And the gap between poverty and wealth is reduced.

We have brought here an example of non-equality in society. If you talk about countries like Sweden and Norway, there is a large number of government jobs here. And the result is that the gap between richness and poverty in the society is very less. All people can live a good life. Whereas the situation in India is the opposite. And there is a very wide gap between richness and poverty. Which is almost impossible for the government to fill.

Government should fill all the vacant government posts

The government’s argument is correct that not all people can be given government jobs. And in the private sector, people will also have to work. We fully agree with this.

But if you talk about the statistics here, only about 700000 government posts are vacant in the Central Government. Those who can be given jobs. The same situation is also with the state governments. In such a situation, the state governments and the central government must fill these government posts. And if the government is not able to fill government posts, then these posts should be abolished by making laws. So that people know how many government jobs exist in the country. And what decision do they have to take?

Fictitious positions are created by the Central and State Governments. And they are not given government jobs. These virtual posts are created for vote bank politics.

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