Rahu Gandhi

Narendra Modi’s government wants to destroy Indian economy Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi has released a video today. In this, Rahul Gandhi said that the Narendra Modi government wants to end the Indian economy. In particular, the Narendra Modi government is constantly trying to eliminate the unorganized sector of India.

Rahul Gandhi said that the government is not getting money from the unorganized sector. This is why the government wants to end the unorganized sector. Rahul Gandhi alleged that the media is with Narendra Modi. And he is doing fake propaganda for Narendra Modi.

90% employment unorganized sector Rahul Gandhi

Rahu Gandhi
Rahu Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said that 90% of the jobs in India still come from the unorganized sector. In such a situation, if the unorganized sector ends in India, then there will be severe unemployment in India. And will not be able to generate employment in India.

Rahul Gandhi alleged that Narendra Modi government wants to end this unorganized sector. Rahul Gandhi said that Narendra Modi government took three steps to eliminate unorganized sector.

The first step was the demonetisation of demonetisation, which shocked the organized sector of India. After that the Narendra Modi government wrongly implemented GST. This dealt another blow to the Indian unorganized sector. Yet the Indian unorganized sector could not even rise from these attacks, that the Modi government imposed lockdown without thinking. And this caused India’s economy to collapse almost completely.

Why did the recession in 2008 not affect India?

Rahul Gandhi said that when the recession hit the world in 2008. At that time the recession in India had no effect. Rahul Gandhi said that banks in America and Europe had sunk. But the Bank of India is completely safe.

Rahul Gandhi further said that when I talked to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh about this, why is the recession not affecting India? So he said that if you have to understand the Indian economy then you need to know that there are two types of economy in India.

It has an economy in the unorganized sector. So the second economy is of the organized sector. Manmohan Singh said that 50% of the organized sector runs India’s economy. While 50% from the unorganized sector. He said that as long as the unorganized sector in India continues to do its work. No recession of the world will touch India.

Unemployment in India is highest in 45 years Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi in his video series said that the BJP government has attacked India’s unorganized economy for the last 6 years. This led to severe unemployment in India.

Rahul Gandhi said that it is the result of wrong policies of the BJP government that the worst unemployment of the last 45 years is present in India at this time. According to a report in the BBC, the unemployment rate in India is currently around 9%. Which is the record so far.

Sharing the data of NITI Aayog, Rahul Gandhi said that in the last 4 months, 2 crore people have got their jobs done.

Rahul Gandhi will be worse for the economy of India

Rahul Gandhi said that the coming days are going to be more difficult for the Indian economy. If the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi continues to attack the organized sector in the same manner, the unemployment rate in India may increase even more in the coming days. Rahul Gandhi said that 90% of the jobs in India come from the unorganized sector. While 10% of the employment comes from organized sector.

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