Water on moon NASA

NASA found strong evidence of water on moon

US space agency NASA has found strong evidence of water on the moon. Until now, we knew that water exists on the poles of the moon. As well as another fact about the presence of water on the Moon, it was known that the water on the Moon is located in the part where it is always dark. But the US space agency NASA has found out for the first time that the sun’s rays are falling continuously on the side of the moon. Water is also present there.

However, the presence of water is less than that of the earth. But in the future, it is considered an important step in settling human settlements on the Moon.

Let us tell you for information that scientists are constantly researching on how much water is present on the moon? And is there such a presence of water that there is enough to live a human life? Whether man can live on the moon or not.

Why is NASA’s discovery of water on the moon important?

US space agency NASA wants to colonize a colony of humans in the future. In addition, a base for exploration and research is also on the moon. Because of this, the presence of water on the moon becomes important.

NASA wants that the resources available on the Moon can be used to create habitable resources for humans. And there is no need to take any kind of resources from the Earth to the Moon. This will also reduce the cost of the mission. At the same time humans will be able to stay on the moon for a long time.

Where the base of humans on the Moon should be made will depend on how much water is present on which part of the Moon?

According to US research scientist Doctor Sargent, now this list has become even longer. Where we want to send humans.

How much water is present on the moon?

Scientists already knew that water in the form of ice is present on that part of the Moon. Where the rays of the sun do not reach. But scientists have come to know for the first time that water is also present on that matter of the Moon. Where the sun’s rays keep falling.

Kc Hannibal, a scientist on the NASA water-searching team, said that about 1 cubic clay on the moon contained water equivalent to a bottle of 12 ounces. This meant that less than half a liter in 1 cubic soil on the moon Water is present. About 0.325 liters of water is present in 1 cubic soil on the moon.

Jacob Leacher, an associate of Hannibal based in NASA, says that we have to understand the conditions and conditions of water logging. This will allow us to know that if any discovery is made on the moon in the future, But how easily water will be available.

We have also found evidence of the presence of water on the moon before. But with this new discovery by NASA, we have found that there is more water on the Moon than we had anticipated.

NASA wants to send human to moon by 2024

The US space agency NASA says that we want to bring man to the moon by 2024. We want to send a woman to the moon for the first time. Apart from this, in the next stage we also want to send a man to the moon.

US agency NASA wants to send man to Mars by 2030. For this it is necessary to first send man to the moon. And can be used as a base station. In such a situation, if humans want to send man to Mars, then Moon is an important link.

How did NASA find water on the moon?

After this big discovery, the question arose as to how did the US agency NASA finally get water on the moon? For this, NASA built an observatory that keeps flying high in the air. This Vaidyasala was named Sophia by NASA. This observatory provides us with very clear images of space.

Sofia’s infrared camera identified the water molecules on the moon. Scientists identified the signature color of the water molecule for this.

Scientists are speculating that water molecules accumulated in the form of bubbles on the moon.

In another research, the US agency NASA found that water may be permanently present on that part of the moon. Where the rays of the sun never reach. We know this as a cold trap. US agency NASA found cold traps on both poles of the moon. On this basis, the researchers estimated that about 40,000 square kilometers of the Moon have a capacity that can hold water.

Water can form the basis of economy on the moon

Researchers say that if we once learn how to exclude the water on the Moon? So it may prove to be an important discovery for the economy on the Moon.

Instead of sending a rocket to the moon, the task of building fuel on the moon itself will be much easier. Which will reduce the cost of the mission.

In such a situation, if a person wants to explore the Moon and do research there, then it is possible to separate the hydrogen and oxygen from the water on the Moon to produce solid fuel. Will be able to use it as a rocket fuel.

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