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Netflix stocks fell by more than 50%

The stock of Netflix, the world’s largest video on demand service, continues to fall heavily these days. Netflix shares are currently trading with a fall of more than 50%. Netflix stock is currently trending at $386 US. Which was trading around $700.

Experts are giving many reasons behind this decline in Netflix’s stock. Today we will try to know why this is happening? Is there an opportunity just for you.

Netflix stock down by 50%

The stock of Netflix is ​​currently seeing a decline of 50%. People are telling it the discounted price. Experts say that Netflix is ​​a stock giving good returns in the long run.

The demand for video on demand service has also decreased amidst the decreasing cases of corona virus. Because of this, Netflix’s shares have been affected. As cinema halls are opening. People have once again turned to theaters. If we talk about the share price of Netflix today, then it has seen a decline of 2.16%.

By the way, Netflix’s index Nasdaq is also closing with a steady decline. The Nasdaq has seen a decline of about 17% in the last 1 month.

Netflix is ​​not being successful in India

Netflix is ​​not being successful in India. The cofounder of the company has also expressed its concern. Netflix currently has 5.5 million subscribers in India. If we talk about the maximum number of subscribers, Hotstar has 46 million subscribers. After this comes the number of Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video currently has 22 million subscribers in India.

According to this, Netflix is ​​far behind in India. Although it has been said from Netflix that we are constantly trying to be successful in India.

new content coming to netflix

Netflix recently signed a deal of more than $ 50 million with Anushka Sharma’s company for content. With this money, a lot of content is expected to be produced on Netflix in the coming time. Netflix has taken this step to meet the growing video on demand demand in India.

Netflix is ​​competing with Amazon Prime Video and Hotstar in India. Recently, it has also slashed the prices of its monthly plans in India by 50%. Netflix now has a mobile-only plan for ₹149 per month. While the desktop is starting from ₹199. If seen in this way, it is constantly trying to make an edge in India.

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