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New plan of Zee5 ₹ 1 per day Watch any web series, movies and other content

Zee5 has launched a new plan. In this, you only have to pay ₹ 1 per day. In which you will get to see all the soaps, original content and movies of zee5.

When zee5 was asked why such a cheap plan has been launched? So zee5 said that we want to reach all the audiences of India. Therefore, we have launched a new plan in which we are paying special attention to those customers who want to come on the OTT platform in a low budget.

What will be found in zee5’s new club plan

zee5 new annual plan
zee5 new annual plan

The new plan of Zee5 is ₹ 365 per annum. In it, you will get to see soaps, movies and original content on all zee5. At the same time, you will also get to watch streaming programs on TV before TV. Zee5 has named this plan zee club.

All the content of Zee’s premium channel Zindagi can now be seen under this plan.

The special thing about the new plan of Zee5 is that you can also see Soz with the playback option in it. Meaning that if you have missed something on TV, you can watch it later on zee5 app with this yearly pack. Which is ₹ 365.

In this plan of Zee5, you will also get to see all the content of Alt Balaji.

For information, let us know that zee5 and alt Balaji have signed an agreement. So that the original content of both platforms can be seen on each other’s platforms. However, some original content of zee5 cannot be viewed on alt Balaji. While you can see all the content of alt Balaji on zee5. However, in this plan of ₹ 365, you will see later than the original content premium plan. That is, the customer coming with the first ₹ 999 plan will get to see the original soz. After that you will be present on the ₹ 365 platform.

Zee5 has an annual premium plan of 999

If you talk about the annual premium pack of zee5, then you have to spend ₹ 999 in it. If you have to buy a premium pack of zee5 for 1 month, then for this you will have to spend ₹ 99.

Now you will say that then why should we buy a premium plan of ₹ 999? So there is a screen difference. You get streaming on only two screens in zee5’s ₹ 365 plan.

This means that you can only open two screens simultaneously in a ₹ 365 plan. That is, any two people of the house can simultaneously see the content on zee5 in a plan of ₹ 365. Whereas in the plan of ₹ 999, the number of screens increases to 5.

In the premium plan of Zee5, you will not get to see any kind of add, whereas in the plan of ₹ 365, you will not get any type of add.

There is a separate kids zone for children on Zee5

The biggest special thing about Zee5 is that there is no need to buy a separate plan for children. Zee5 has a separate kids zone for children. If you enable Kids Zone by going to settings for your children, then children will only be able to see the kids content. They will not get to see any adult content. Zee5 has a separate kids zone for kids.

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