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Now Google Pay users will have to be charged for money transaction

Till now you could transfer money from Google pay for free. But from January 2021, you may have to pay a charge to transfer money from Google Pay to your bank account or someone else’s bank account. Google has said this on the official support page of its Google Pay.

Google says that we have to pay from 1.3 percent to 0.31 $ for each transaction, so now we are going to charge for transferring money from users as well. Now you will not be able to transfer money from Google Pay for free.

According to Google9to5 report, this change on Google is going to come from January 2021. Till then you will be able to transfer money from Google Pay for free. Let me tell you for information. Currently no app charges extra for transferring money. You can transfer money to any bank account for free. But now if you use Google, then you have to pay additional charge. Experts believe that after Google Pay charges its users from other users, other payment companies can also charge their users.

Apart from this, Google has also announced about its Google Pay support page. Google says that from January 2021, we are going to remove our Google Pay support page.

Recently Google made major changes in its Google Pay. All these changes were released for Android and iOS users of America. Recently, Google also changed the people of its Google Pay app. In the coming days, Google can also release this update for Indian users. On the other hand, if the media report is to be believed, Google may soon provide a branded debit and credit card facility to one in India. With which you will be able to shop and buy other goods. For information, let us know that Paytm has also issued branded debit and credit cards in India. Which is named postpaid service.

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