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Paytm will issue next generation paytm credit card for its customers

Paytm has decided to launch Next Generation Paytm Credit Card to give its customers an even better shopping experience. This credit card of Paytm will be available with one touch payment option. That is, you will be able to pay for shopping with Paytm credit card on one click.

Paytm is aiming to issue credit cards to 2000000 customers in the next 18 to 20 months. With this company credit card you will get cashback offers. And you will be given cashback on every transaction. You will be able to use this cashback inside the Paytm Echo system. Which includes all types of shopping options and outstanding bill payments.

Apart from this, the company is also partnering with brands that launch credit cards. Under this, branded Paytm credit cards will be launched. Through the branded Paytm credit card, the company wants to reach more and more customers.

How to apply for Paytm Credit Card

Paytm credit card will be completely digital and you will not have to go to any bank branch. Paytm is creating an eco system for its credit cards in such a way that customers need to get the least amount of assistance.

You will not need to apply for Paytm Credit Card. For this, the company will offer you Paytm credit card by looking at your shopping amount and how to do shopping. If you accept the offer, Paytm will issue you a credit card.

You can use it to pay bills and shop at ATMs. However, it is not clear whether Paytm credit card can be used at any other store. Let us tell you for the information that even before this, the advance payment option of Paytm has been made available. Where advance credit was provided by Paytm to its customers. Which customers could use to shop and pay in the ATM ecosystem. However it was stopped by the Reserve Bank of India.

In such a situation, it will be interesting to see that you will have to apply for Paytm credit card in the same way. Or the company brings some other way to apply for a credit card.

What is the eligibility for Paytm Credit Card

Right now the question arises here what will be the eligibility for Paytm credit card. If you want to get Paytm’s credit card, then for this you will have to use maximum Paytm app. As your payment through Paytm increases. Your score will also get stronger. And based on this, Paytm will issue you a credit card.

First you will be given an offer for a credit card. And if you accept this offer, then you will be issued a Paytm credit card. However, the company has not yet fully told what other criteria will be available for the Paytm credit card. According to the media reports, credit cards will also be offered to government employees and those who get salary every month.

Apart from this, your credit score can also be the basis for taking a Paytm credit card. If your credit will be strong, then you can get a credit card from Paytm quickly.

In such a situation, if you complete any of these criterias, then you will be given a credit card from Paytm. As you increase the usage of Paytm credit card your credit limit will also be increased. If you will not pay the Paytm credit card on time, then your credit limit can be reduced. Or your Paytm credit card can be blocked.

What facilities will be available with Paytm Credit Card

The more you use Paytm credit card, the more you will be given cashback. The company says that you will be given cashback with Paytm credit card on every transaction. These cashbacks will be given to you as Paytm vouchers. Which can be used for shopping in the Paytm app or for paying bills.

You will earn as much cashback as you would by Paytm credit card transactions. He will not have an expiry date. You can use this paytm cashback anytime.

All the features associated with the Paytm credit card will be available on the Paytm app itself. Which customers will be able to use.

Apart from this, within the Paytm app, you will be able to manage paytm credit card completely. Apart from this, you will also be able to check your credit limit and shopping transaction. Also, tips will be provided from Paytm to use your Paytm credit card.

Security features of paytm credit card

The company has also fully managed the secure payment for the paytm credit card, you will find many such options with the Paytm credit card where you will be able to complete your transaction without any problem.

Within the Paytm app, you will be able to change the security PIN of the credit card. You will also be able to update the address as well. If your card is lost or there is a fraud, then you will be able to block it inside the Paytm app as well as to issue a new card from the Paytm app itself. You do not need to go to any bank branch for this.

Fraud transaction insurance will also be given to customers on credit cards issued by Paytm. So that customers’ money can be safe. However, it has not been decided whether the company will charge separately for this insurance.



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