Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi again raised the issue of corruption in Rafale.

Rahul Gandhi has once again asked questions about the alleged scandal in Rafael aircraft. Even before Rahul Gandhi had asked questions about the scandal in Rafael.

The Congress party on the government is constantly accusing that the price of Rafael Fighter Aircraft planes is low. While they bought too much expensive purchased. The party says that Rafael aircraft has been purchased so expensive so that some industrialists of the country can be benefitted. Congress has accused the Government in Rafael aircraft about the cronson capology.

Rahul Gandhi asked the government about Rafael Deals

rahul Gandhi
rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi asked questions about the alleged scandal in Rafael aircraft, while posting on his official page. Rahul Gandhi congratulated the Indian Air Force for Rafael aircraft first in his post.

After this, 3 questions have been asked about the alleged scandal in Rafael aircraft. Rahul Gandhi asked, when the price of a Rafael aircraft was Rs 526 crore, why was it bought the Road of Road to 1670?

Rahul Gandhi asked the second question that when the Total 126 Rafael Fighter Jet was buying, why the government has 36?

Rahul Gandhi, who was a constant attacker on the same industrialist Anil Ambani, has once again asked the government related to him. Rahul Gandhi asked about the alleged scam in Rafale planes, why the contract worth Rs 30,000 crore was awarded to Anil Ambani’s company?

Rahul Gandhi is constantly attacking the government over the alleged scam in Rafale planes

Rahul Gandhi has been constantly asking the government questions about the alleged scam in Rafale planes. When this Rafale aircraft deal was signed between India and France. Then Rahul Gandhi called the Prime Minister a thief. And the Congress Party had launched the Chowkidar Chor Hai campaign. In response to this, BJP also launched a main bhi Chowkidar campaign.

Rahul Gandhi had earlier asked sharp questions to the government regarding the corona virus and economy.

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