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Rahul Gandhi talks to farmers about new agrarian reform laws

Rahul Gandhi has spoken to farmers about new agrarian reform laws. Rahul Gandhi asked the farmers, why are you opposing these agrarian reform laws? And how you are going to suffer. /.

Let us tell you for information that these days Rahul Gandhi is surrounding the government on every issue. Then whether it be GST, China or the new agrarian reform law. Be it GST or any other issue, Rahul Gandhi keeps tweeting on his Facebook and Twitter.

When farmers talked to Rahul Gandhi, their biggest fear was about the minimum support price. The farmers had said that the minimum support price would be abolished by the government if the corporates came to the agriculture sector. The farmers said that in the reforms laws, the government should guarantee that their crop is under no circumstances at all. Will not be able to buy below support price. And if corporates buy less than the minimum support price, it should be a punishable offense. The second fear of farmers was about money. Farmers say where will we go if the company refuses to give money.

On the other hand, the farmers said that the government wants to enslave us by implementing the new agricultural reform law. The farmers asked Rahul Gandhi to fight for us. This will benefit the country. Farmers used to say that earlier we used to borrow money from traders but now if they do not buy our produce. So he will not even lend us money. Rahul Gandhi said during this time that the new agrarian reform laws are being opposed not only for the farmers but for the future of India. The farmers said that the government has not only privatized agriculture. Rather, the railway airport and all other areas are being sold in private hands. Farmers fear that we may become slaves of Ambani and Adani.

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