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Rahul Gandhi to protest with farmers about new agricultural reforms laws

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is going to Punjab today. Will protest new agrarian reform laws with farmers in Punjab. Tractor rallies will be held for this.

For your information, let us know that farmers are continuously opposing the new agricultural laws. And they are on the streets. The farmers of Punjab have started the rail roko movement. Which will last for an unlimited time. Farmers say that the demonstration will continue until the new agrarian reform law is withdrawn.

With this, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is going to Punjab today. And they will demonstrate by tractor rallies together with farmers against agrarian reform laws. This rally will run from October 4 to October 6. And an area of ​​50 kilometers will be covered. Rahul Gandhi will also attend farmer rallies in Haryana and will address public meetings there. Let us tell you for information that opposition to the Agricultural Reform Act is being seen in Punjab and Haryana. Apart from this, there is also opposition to the new agrarian reform laws in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

The Punjab Congress spokesperson said that the farmer rallies would be organized under strict Kovid-19 protocol. And social distancing will follow. Congress spokesperson said that we hope to get the support of farmers organizations too.

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