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Rules released for IPL 2020 by BCCI

The rules for IPL 2020 have been released. These are released under the Bio Secure Protocol due to Corona virus for IPL 2020.

For information, let us know that IPL 2020 is being held late. And the reason is the corona virus. Now the rules and laws have been promulgated in IPL 2020 to protect the players from corona virus. And these rules and regulations are mandatory for all IPL teams.

Rules have also been issued for players to play in the IPL. Which is mandatory for all players to follow.

Will have to stay in Quarantine for 7 days before playing IPL

IPL 2020
IPL 2020

A rule has been issued in IPL 2020. According to this rule, players have to end the 7-day self-isolation period before playing IPL. This means that players will be quarantined in the hotel for the first 7 days as soon as they arrive in the UAE. Only after that the players will be able to play cricket further.

Players have to get their coronavirus tested before going to the hotel. And if they come positive in the corona virus test, then they will not be included in the IPL. If players come to Korana virus negative then they will get to play cricket.

At the same time, players will have to undergo two tests of coronavirus every fourth day. And if the players come to Coronavirus negative in both the tests then they will be allowed to play IPL. All these rules have been issued for IPL 2020 only.

Let us tell you for information that the corona virus epidemic is going on all over the world. This is why sports activities have taken place all over the world. However, the game has been started now. Which includes IPL. Under this, IPL 2020 is being organized in the month of September.

There will be separate hotel for every IPL team

According to the guidelines released for IPL 2020, there will now be a separate hotel for each team. Separate hotels will be booked for all 8 teams. And no one team will be allowed to meet the other team. So that every team can be protected. If more than one team stays in a hotel. So the risk of corona virus will increase for them.

Also, there will be a separate gate for IPL teams. From this gate, players will be able to come in and out. Players will not be able to go out of the hotel without any reason during the IPL.

What to do if the player gets injected

If a player is injured during the IPL, then he can be taken to the hospital. However, it also has to follow the Bio Secure Protocol.

After the player is awarded when he is brought back. So he will have to live in a self-isolation period of 7 days. Every IPL team will also have to keep a doctor with them.

Also, not more than 24 players will be included in each team. If a player reports to be Corona positive, then another player may be called in as a replacement. This time the replacement limit has been removed. And all the players will come corona positive. A new player can be included in the team instead of all of them.

IPL teams asked for special permission

IPL teams say that keeping players in self-isolation period for 7 days is not right. And this limit should be reduced to 3 days. IPL teams say that for this we can take advice from medical experts.

The same players say if he can take his family along. However, no decision has been taken on this yet. But it is expected that in this IPL, players will not be able to take their family along.

What to do if a player comes to Corona positive

If a player is found to be Corona positive during the IPL, then a separate room will be created for him where he will self-quarantine himself for 14 days. After this, two corona tests of the player will be done. And in both these reports, if the player gets corona negative, then he can get a chance to play in IPL again.

However, IPL teams have been fearing that their big players might come to Corona positive. In such a situation, if a team’s big player comes Corona positive during the IPL, then it can prove to be a big shock.

If the corona report of a player is positive. Then the corona test of the entire team will be done. This test will be twice. And if all the players come negative in both the times then the team will get a chance to play. All the players who come positive in these reports will not get a chance to play in the IPL.

IPL teams will be small size

This time the IPL teams have been asked to shorten. A total of 24 players can be placed in each IPL team. However, if a player comes to Corona positive then he has been given the facility of unlimited replacement. That is, any number of times out of 24 players, the player gets corona positive. They will get the facility of replacement.

So the players who have been sold during the IPL auction. They too can stay at home. Let us know for information that at present there are about 30 players in every IPL team. Or teams like Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore have more than 30 players.

In such a situation, it will be interesting to see which players this IPL team takes with them. For information, let us know that the IPL will be held in 3 stadiums this time. And preparations are going on for this.

Vivo retracts from IPL title sponsor

Vivo, the title sponsor of the IPL, has pulled back. Vivo has told the BCCI that it will not be the title sponsor of the IPL this time. Let us tell you for information that every year, Vivo gives about 740 crores rupees to BCCI for the title sponsorship. But due to the ongoing dispute between India and China, there is an atmosphere against China in the country. For this reason, Vivo has decided to withdraw from the sponsorship of IPL. Now it is going to be very difficult for BCCI to find a new sponsor. And that too at such a great price.

Let us tell you for information that the title sponsor of IPL has been Vivo for the last several years. But this time it will not happen.

At the same time, IPL teams have demanded the BCCI to allow spectators to sit during the match at the cricket stadium. IPL teams say that one spectator can be accommodated by leaving 1 seat in the stadium. This will increase the earnings of IPL teams. And their financial constraints will be overcome.

The earnings of IPL teams may decrease

At present, due to Corona virus epidemic, there has been worldwide economic slowdown. And it can also have an impact on IPL teams. Sponsors of IPL teams can pay them less money this time. However, for this, the BCCI has been allowed by the IPL teams to have more sponsorship space on their T-shirts. But it will be interesting to see how much impact the IPL has on the corona virus.

Let us tell you for information that IPL is the biggest league in the world of cricket. Apart from this, Pakistan Super League, Sri Lanka Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League cricket runs around the world.



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