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Samsung defeats Xiaomi to become number one smartphone brand in India

The impact of the ongoing tension between India and China is now being seen on India’s smartphone market as well. Samsung has once again become the number one smartphone in India, beating Chinese company xiaomi. Counterpoint research.com has released this report.

According to the report of counterpointresearch.com, Samsung has also beaten Chinese company Huawei in the global market. And now Samsung has come at number one. There has been a significant decrease in Huawei’s global market share.

Actually, there has been an atmosphere against China in the world for quite some time. And this is the advantage of a smartphone branch like Samsung. Tension has remained between India and China on the border for a long time. Due to this, anti-China sentiment has remained constant and Samsung has benefited from it.

Samsung becomes number one smartphone brand in India

Talking about India’s smartphone market, Samsung has overtaken Chinese company Xiaomi here. And now he has reached number one. Samsung has recently introduced mid-range budget smartphones. In which m51s have proved to be gamechangers. This smartphone has left xiaomi behind in Samsung. Apart from this, Samsung smartphones have been introduced in many categories. The benefit of which you see happening to Samsung.

Samsung is also strengthening its grip in the online smartphone market

Samsung online smartphone market is also slowly strengthening its grip. And for this Samsung has made a special strategy. Samsung is now strengthening its hold in the online smartphone market with the help of m51s smartphone.

Samsung wants to further strengthen its growth in India’s smartphone market. And wants to take it to 30% by the end of this year. According to Counterpointresearch.com report, 35% of Samsung’s smartphones were sold online this year, compared to 25% last year. In such a situation, Samsung’s online segment has seen a very rapid growth.

Samsung online smartphone segment is second in the segment with 26% volume. Samsung wants it to soon become number one in the online smartphone market. It was 16% in the first quarter, thus a 9% increase has been seen in Samsung’s online business.

Samsung became number one brand in global smartphone market too

Samsung has overtaken Huawei as reported by counterpoint research.com. And now its global market has increased from 20% to 22% in terms of every smartphone. This data is from August 2020. This change has been observed in the last 6 months.

In the global smartphone market, if we talk about Huawei, its market share has come down to 16% as of August 2020. The growth in April 2021 was 21% in the global smartphone market, due to the restrictions imposed by the US, it may fall further.



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