One belt one road project

The feasibility of One Belt One Road Project in China is under question

China’s One Belt One Road Project has now started hovering the danger. Anyway, it is not taking the name of difficulties to reduce these days. And after one new difficulties are coming.

Now China’s One Belt One Road Initiative Project is also seen in danger. China’s One Belt Forest Road Project Initiative is not ready to give bank loan. And the banks of China were funding in this project. They also see the fund ends.

The partner country has started retreating back in China’s One Belt One Road Initiative. And are constantly seeking transparency from China.

Let us know that most of the contracts are being achieved in China’s One Belt One Road Project, and more China’s partners are constantly angry with China. In such a situation, the future of the One Belt One Road Project is seen in danger.

One Belt One Road Project Getting Delay

one belt One road

China’s forest belt is constantly delayed in the Forest Road Project. In such a situation, the continuous cost of this project is also increasing. An expert is guessing that the cost of this project is increasing at the rate of 10% annually. In such a situation, China can not meet this project even if China does not meet this project, for about 100 percent costs will increase.

This cost is so much, the cost of China’s President Xin Jinping did not think. He doubled the cost of the forest belt forest road is going to be in engine.

At the same time, countries like Pakistan have emerged as a headache for China. It is no longer easy to work in countries like Pakistan. Because the local people of the One Belt One Road Project are protesting heavily. In such a situation, new troubles have been made about the One Belt One Road Project in front of China.

One Belt One Road Project Partners are making a distance

It is not that the forest belt is decreasing for the forest project. And the cost is increasing. Its partner country is now pulling behind its hands from China’s One Belt One Road Project.

These countries have alleged that China is making its arbitrariness in this project. And not using transparency. In such a situation, the partner of the Forest Belt One Road Project is constantly seeking transparency from China. At the same time, some countries have also started pulling their hands behind this project.

In such a situation, the future of China’s One Belt One Road Project has pushed the partner countries in darkness. At the same time the news was also coming that by funding the Forest Belt One Road Project, China’s banks have also caused a crisis of cash.

There was a news from China that the trust of China’s people there is continuously decreasing and those people are constantly evacuating their money from banks.

China had set the maximum clearance limit there to rein. Although China’s trick works? And it will be interesting to see the belt works. The people of China’s Communist Party in the same dabble are now started raising questions on the usefulness of one belt One Road Project.

At the same time the government was termed in front of China forest belt forest road project. At that time there was another government there. And now governments have changed in these countries. Malaysia is the example of Singapore and Sri Lanka. The recent statement of the Sri Lankan government had come that he will not sell any national heritage and national assets to any country. Recently, China took Sri Lanka’s Humbatota port lease due to not returning the loan. And the preparations for making a military base have started there. But now China has changed the government in Sri Lanka. And for this road project, the Sri Lankan government is pulling back.

It is not that the government of Sri Lanka is pulling behind. Earlier, Malaysia’s government has also done the same. And many contracts have been canceled and contracts. In such a situation, the money and investment of China’s government has been hanged in both.

Different problems for the One Belt One Road Project in Pakistan

China’s largest partner country has started standing for the Forest Belt One Road Project. Local people are opposing this project there, local people say that they are not getting employment in China’s One Belt One Road Project. And those who are working in the Working One Belt One Road Project. He has also been asked to China.

In such a situation, Pakistan has not seen any benefit from this project. Let us tell you that the army of Pakistan is constantly torturing on the people of Balochistan. At the same time the news is coming that the air base is being made separately for the Chinese army in Balochistan. Which are threat to people in Balochistan. Balochistan Liberation Army is saying that if this project is completed in Balochistan, it will generate a threat to the future of Baluch.

In such a situation, it will not be easy to finish your project in Balochistan. For this reason, China’s investment has been stuck in Pakistan. Pakistan has now become a throat fraction for China.

On the other hand, the Thinking of Pakistan is also talking to China. Pakistani Think Tank recently advised the Pakistani government, he made distance from China. Otherwise the whole world will be different like China.

Pakistan Think Tank says that China is deceiving the whole world at this time. At the same time Pakistan did not leave China, then the whole world will separate Pakistan.

Recently, Pakistan had restricted the Vigo App of China. As well as China’s popular Tic Talk app also had a warning.

In such a situation, Pakistan has also started speaking against China. There is no less than any danger for China. And it is also auspicious sign for China’s One Belt One Road Project. The Pakistani government is also demanding transparency in the project. Which are other countries too.

Problems of corovirus increased for one belt One Road Project

It is not that only the forest belt forest road project is struggling with changing and lack of funding. Rather, the Corona virus has also increased the problems of the One Belt One Road Project.

African countries are constantly seeking to forgive the debt from China or to further the boundary of repaying debt. African countries say that they do not have money to repay China’s debt. And he will not be able to pay this loan. And if the African country does not give China’s debt and China’s debt is trapped. So it is not auspicious for China’s own economy.

Recently the news came that the Government of China has refused to issue its economic figures this year. In such a situation, you can guess about the situation of Economy of China. That’s how difficult it is going through.

China has given a trap of railways and roads to African countries to increase its own business. But now the demand for goods has become very low. Corona virus has increased this problem.

In such a situation, the problems of empty coaches have occurred in trains from China to Africa. Recently the news came that there are huge amounts of trains in China. In such a situation, it is continuously running in losses. For this reason experts are constantly raising the expert on the practicality of this project. At the same time, it has also come to see that on behalf of China, the trains go through the cans. But the cans coming back from Africa are almost empty. In such a situation, these trains are not financially correct.

Because of this, there are continuous questions on this economic corridor. Experts are assuming that this economic coridor is nothing except the insistence of China’s President. Experts are guessing that in a hurry to become China’s super power, its entire Economy should not be dull.

Recently, China has made approximately 400 billion US dollars from Iran but now China has also started in Iran, China’s local citizens are constantly resulted in Iran, the citizens of Iran believe that China wants Iran to make its economic slave and in the cycles of debt.

Big manufacturing companies are pulling hands from China

For whose One Belt One Road Project Institute, now the US President Donald Trump has also emerged as a threat, American Administration has continuously opposing China’s One Belt One Road Project. America says that making this project countries economic slaves

Recently, Apple had announced to shift its manufacturing plant in India recently, Apple said that he will have all the iPhone models of all iPhone models in India as well as Google also coming to India.

This is also the situation of Microsoft and other companies, in such a situation, it is also a threat to China’s project. There are experts in such a situation that this project does not cause a threat to China’s economy in recent days.

In such a situation, experts are expecting that this project is not able to danger somewhere for China’s economy, in recent days, some such signs are being seen, while not being able to scold every country, Russia’s name is recently in Russia.Recently, China had claimed China on a city of Russia, after taking steps against China, its missile security armor had refused to supply S-400 China for information that this missile was termed in 2014 in China and Russia for security armor.

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