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the Rajasthan Gehlot government to call the assembly session from August 14

After all, the political crisis in Rajasthan seems to be over. Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra has given permission to the Gehlot government to convene the assembly session from 14 August.

Earlier, the Governor has withdrawn the proposal of the Gehlot government of Rajasthan to convene the assembly session four times. In such a situation a political crisis had arisen in Rajasthan.

Governor Company Kalraj Mishra had said that if the assembly session is to be held in Rajasthan, at least 21 days notice should be given. At the same time, the governor repeatedly refused to call the assembly session, citing the corona virus. But now the governor has agreed to call the assembly session. Let us know for information that this will be the fifth session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

The fifth session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly will begin on August 14

Sachin pilot
Sachin pilot

August 14 was proposed to the Governor, led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, to convene the fifth session of the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. Which has been agreed by Governor Kalraj Mishra.

However, with this, the Governor should facilitate the sitting with social distancing between officers and MLAs. At the same time, Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra has said that Ashok Gehlot has said that if a majority test is done in Rajasthan then it should be arranged to telecast live on television.

The Governor had difficulty in convening the assembly session because the Governor wanted that at least 21 days notice should be given to call the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

What does Chief Minister Gehlot want to prove by calling the assembly session

Earlier there was news that a majority test could be held in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. But now Rajasthan government’s chief whip Mahesh Joshi says that we do not need to do a majority test. We already have a majority.

If the Governor feels that we do not have a majority, we can give instructions for this. We are ready for a majority test.

Ashok Gehlot wants to demonstrate his power by calling this assembly session. Let us tell you for information that today Govind Singh Dotasara has been sworn in as the President of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress.

In such a situation, Ashok Gehlot has once again told why people call him the magician of politics?

Big difficulties for Sachin Pilot Group

If the Congress can issue a VHP to attend the assembly. So in such a situation, the problems of Sachin Pilot may increase. It is believed that it will be mandatory for Sachin Pilot to participate in the proceedings of the Assembly if the party issues VHP to appear in the Assembly. If the MLAs of the Sachin Pilot Group do not do so, then the Speaker of the Assembly can cancel their membership. In such a situation, the difficulty for the Sachin Pilot group has increased even more.

Sachin Pilot’s arrest sword hanging

On the other hand, Rajasthan SOG is constantly looking for Sachin Pilot and his supporting MLAs. But till now Rajasthan SOG has not got success in this. It is believed that the BJP government of Haryana is supporting these MLAs.

But if these MLAs return now, the sword of arrest is hanging on them. For information, let us tell you that a case of treason has been registered against Sachin Pilot, a pro-MLA and Sachin Pilot himself. These MLAs are alleged to have conspired to topple the government. In such a situation, the difficulties are going to increase even more in the coming days for the pro-Sachin Pilot MLAs. It would be interesting to see what Sachin Pilot does?

Sachin Pilot can join Congress again

Recent statements suggest that Sachin Pilot may join Congress. Sachin Pilot had said that he has not yet resigned from the membership of Congress and at the same time Sachin Pilot had said that he will not join BJP under any circumstances. And he is a true soldier of Congress. At the same time, recently the Rajasthan Assembly Speaker was congratulated by Sachin Pilot on his birthday. It is speculated that the pro-Sachin Pilot MLA may join the party in Rajasthan. At the same time, the pro-Sachin Pilot MLAs say that we have not done any activity against the party. We only want leadership change. And that’s what we are struggling for.

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