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Top five WhatsApp alternative with end-to-end message encryption

Recently, the world’s largest messaging app WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. Under which, now your WhatsApp data can be shared with other companies via Facebook. Facebook has said in its new privacy policy that WhatsApp data can be shared with Facebook Instagram and other advertising companies.

In such a situation, we have brought you the top alternative of WhatsApp. Which you can use instead of WhatsApp. All these apps work very fast just like WhatsApp. Also here you get to see video and audio call feature for free. Until now, you used to see the end to end encryption feature in WhatsApp. Which will almost end after the new privacy policy. In such a situation, if you want to take advantage of end to end encryption, then you can use any one of the top 5 apps below. Which is right for you. All these apps are available for free on Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.

However, apart from these five messaging apps, the app is present on Google Play Store, Apple iOS Store. Where end to end encryption is promised. And you can also make video and audio calls for free. But still we like their feature. In such a situation, you can use these apps as an alternative to WhatsApp. Also, the features of these five apps are very similar to WhatsApp. So let’s see what are these 5 apps that can become alternative to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app, has given you time till 8 February. If you do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy by 8 February. Or if you refuse to accept it, your account will be deleted by WhatsApp. Facebook has said this in one of its statements.

In such a situation, if you want to use WhatsApp, then you have to accept its new privacy policy. Apart from this, no other option has been provided to you by Facebook. This new privacy policy of WhatsApp is being criticized worldwide.

Recently Musk, the world’s biggest billionaire alone, also advised people not to use it after WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. The name of the app he mentioned for use is Signal. In this case, we start with the signal itself.


The app that you can use as an alternative to WhatsApp, has a signal on the first number. Signal is very simple to see. It is also safe as well. The biggest feature of the signal is that it promises end to end encryption for messaging. No message by you can be read by a third party. Even the signal cannot read the message you sent. Signal’s video and audio call quality is better than whatsapp.

Through this app you can also read your default SMS message to it. This facility is provided to you by signal. In this app we have not found any such thing that we can tell wrong here. In this case, you can use the signal as an alternative to WhatsApp.


End to end messaging encryption.

High quality video and audio calling facility.

Set your default messaging app in smartphone.


Wire app can also be used as an alternative to WhatsApp. Wire also provides you with end to end messaging encryption. The most important thing about Wire is that it looks completely different from any other messaging app. In this case, you get a different messaging experience. If you are bored with WhatsApp and other messaging apps, then you can use wire.

The biggest thing we found in the wire is that here, messages are delivered faster than WhatsApp. In such a situation, if you are looking for a fast app that promises you end to end encryption, then wire may be the first choice for you.


Fast message delivery.

Different user experience.

End to end messaging encryption.


If we talk about the biggest con of wire, then the number one is that its users in India are very less. In such a situation, if you want to use Wire in place of WhatsApp as a messaging app in India, then you will have to install this app with your friends too. Only then you will be able to use the wire app on your smartphone.


Telegram is known worldwide as the most popular messaging app after WhatsApp. Here you can create a channel. Just like WhatsApp, you also get to see end to end encryption in Telegram. This means that no third party or telegram itself can read your message. In such a situation, if you are looking for an alternative on WhatsApp which is popular, then Telegram may be your first choice.

You see a lot of channels on Telegram. This gives you the feel of social media. Another special thing about Telegram is that Telegram stores your message in encrypted form on its server. In such a situation, if you want to sync your account, then its problem is also not seen. You can sinc your account easily. Another thing we liked about Telegram is that in Telegram you also get to see multi-device support. This means that you can open the same account of Telegram on your laptop mobile and tablet. This feature is currently not available on WhatsApp. In this case, telegram can prove to be a good alternative for you.

However, there are some shortcomings in Telegram. A lot of features have been given in it. For this reason Telegram is not easy to use. We also did not like its user interface. Also, if your smartphone does not have a good chipset, it works very slowly. However, for this you can use Telegram X, the light app of Telegram.


Most popular messaging application after whatsapp

Best alternative of WhatsApp

Worldwide accepted as a messaging app


Difficult to use

Not a good user experience

Advertisement and spam by third-party channels in telegram

Slow messaging delivery on mid range and lower range smartphone.


Snapchat as a social media platform is very popular worldwide. Snapchat has 1 billion plus apps installed on Google Play Store alone. As such, Snapchat is popular worldwide. There are no two opinions in this.

However, if you are using Snapchat for the first time, then its user interface and usage method may seem quite awkward. But if you understand Snapchat once, then here you get to see amazing user experience. Also, different types of emoji and stickers make your messaging experience even more fun.

Another special feature of Snapchat is that if the person has seen your message once, it gets deleted automatically. If the front receiver is taking a screenshot of your message, then its notification also sends you Snapchat. In such a situation, it is much more secure for sending and receiving messages along with user experience. Snapchat also promises end-to-end messaging encryption to its users. If you are looking for WhatsApp alternative then Snapchat can be one of them.

Snapchat is popular worldwide. In such a situation, your friends and family members may already be using Snapchat as a messaging app. In this case, you can easily transfer to Snapchat from WhatsApp.


Different and exciting messaging application.

Widely accepted messaging app.

Worldwide large audience.

you can earn money online using Snapchat like YouTube.


Advertisement in story section.

First time users may be face difficulties to use.


If you talk about the funniest messaging apps, then Snapchat is followed by Hike number. In this, you also get the option of emoji decoration during messaging. In such a situation, you do not have to work very hard to send emoji.

However, you do not get to see end to end messaging encryption on the hike. If you want to backup your message then you get to see the end to end encryption. But if you use Hike instead of WhatsApp, then even here you do not get end to end encryption. Which is one minus point of it.

Recently another feature has been added by hike to its messaging app. Where is Hike Land going? You can watch a video with your friends using it. You can also play games as well. It will absolutely make you feel like Facebook rooms. You can also see this feature in an app named Twitch.


Exciting messaging experience.

Emoji decoration while messaging.


End to end messaging encryption not available.



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