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understand why Ashok Gehlot to get a floor test so soon

In Rajasthan’s politics, turning to see. Ashok Gehlot wants to call the assembly session quickly. While

governor Kalraj Mishra is not looking ready for it. Kalraj Mishra argues that 21 days notice is required to be given before the assembly session. And if you are called session in emergency then there is no reason for any reason. While Ashok Gehlot has not given any reason for this. So what is it quick to call Ashok Gehlot so early assembly session? The same Governor Kalraj Mishra says that when the government has a full majority, where is the need to prove the majority?

Sachin will have to be avoided for pilot

Sachin pilot
Sachin pilot

If Ashok Gehlot soon calls the assembly session. And if the meeting of the legislator party, then Sachin Pilot faction will also be included. And if they do not do this, the team can cancel their membership under the law.

If the membership will be canceled, then the data of the Rajasthan assembly which is 101 for the majority. He will go down and it will stay around 85. And if this happens then Ashok Gehlot will easily prove its majority in the assembly. Tell you for the information that Ashok Gehlot is claiming that he has only 109 legislators support. Although Sachin Pilot is claiming that he has about 21 MLAs. It would be interesting to see what is heavier on the assembly.

The same Ashok Gehlot is also hoping that as soon as the assembly session will be held, the MLAs of Sachin Pilot group will have to come out. And if he comes out, then Congress can support the fear of going to subscribe. In such a situation, Ashok was still easy for Gehlot.

BJP does not want to give Congress

At the same time, BJP wants to bring his government by taking advantage of this discord. But Ashok Gehlot Government is not ready to give BJP any chance. In such a case, the same session will be very easily for Ashok Gehlot.

Even if BJP becomes successful in breaking some of the Congress legislators, then Ashok Gehlot is going to be easy for BJP. Because at this time Ashok Gehlot government is operating with the entire majority.

At the same time, if Ashok Gehlot Government’s legislator breaks BJP, then the Congress has sufficient number force exists. At the same time, BJP also fears that Ashok Gehlot does not break the MLA from BJP. In such a situation, BJP is playing Saif.

Sachin Pilot Subscription Surviving

You can imagine the fear of Sachin Pilot Gutka from the fact that Sachin Pilot is constantly saying that he is still involved in the Congress. And the true soldiers of the Congress.

At the same time, Sachin Pilot supported MLAs also have to say that they have not harmed the party. And still they are made with the Congress. At the same time, he has not given any resignation from the party’s membership. It’s everything to save this legislator to your membership. So that in the High Court and Supreme Court, they are still with the Congress. And he has not rebelled with the party. At the same time, back to the party can also come back to the party. In such a way, the road is easy for Ashok Gehlot.

Sachin is worried about arrest warrant

Between the danger of subscribing, the sword of arrest on Sachin Pilot Group has also been hanged.

The notice was issued by SOG to Sachin Pilot himself. And asked if he is involved in the conspiracy to topple the government? For your information, SOG has filed a case of treason against Sachin Pilot and other MLAs. And it is alleged that they have tried to topple the government. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how Sachin Pilot gets out of this cycle.

Assembly session may also be called on Ashok Gehlot’s 31st

According to the apostle news that is coming in the media, Ashok Gehlot has written another letter to Governor Kalraj Mishra and requested him to call assembly session on 31st. However, nothing is yet to be said about it. But it is certain that Ashok Gehlot wants to call the assembly session as soon as possible.



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